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WPT -- Doyle Brunson Classic Championship Day 4

The Field Plays Down to 16 Players on a Slow Day of Play


Curt KohlbergDay 4 at the World Poker Tour Five-Diamond Doyle Brunson World Poker Classic saw a field of 36 players return and none of them were in a rush. The field meandered down to the money bubble, and then play continued forward slowly. By the end of the night 16 players still remained, and they will return at noon PST tomorrow to play down to the final television table of six.

Leading the way in chips is Curt Kohlberg (pictured right), who finished the night with 2,856,000. Top challengers to the throne include Faraz Jaka (2,768,000) and Daniel Alaei (2,422,000). Scotty Nguyen was among the chip leaders late in the day, but his chip stack experienced a free fall during the last level of play, and he ended the night with 339,000. A loaded field of professionals still remain and you can browse everyone’s chip counts below. Be sure to also check out the best hands from the day, including a great lay down by Joe Elpayaa in Jeremy Brown’s elimination hand.

Day 4 Chip Counts:

Curt Kohlberg — 2,856,000
Faraz Jaka — 2,768,000
Daniel Alaei — 2,422,000
John Juanda — 1,850,000
Chad Batista — 1,550,000
Joe Cassidy — 1,445,000
Josh Arieh — 1,067,000
Shawn Buchanan — 1,007,000
Steve O’Dwyer — 826,000
Carter King — 805,000
Eric Hershler — 796,000
Mike Sowers — 661,000
Matt Waxman — 641,000
Joe Elpayaa — 446,000
Scotty Nguyen — 339,000
Lee Salem — 275,000

Notable Eliminations Before the Money: Toto Leonidas, Russell Rosenblum, Emeline Boich, Dan O’Brien, Peter Gould, and bubble boy Hasan Habib.

In-the-Money Eliminations:

27: Michael McClain — $28,569
26: Amit Makhija — $28,569
25: Steve Brecher — $28,569
24: Joe Pulliam — $28,569
23: Antonio Esfandiari — $28,569
22: Farshad Fardad — $28,569
21: Steven Landfish — $28,569
20: Matt Stout — $28,569
19: Jeremy Brown — $28,569
18: Jamie Rosen — $38,092
17: Brent Hanks — $38,092

Here is a look at the highlights from the day, as featured in’s live updates:

Curt Kohlberg Doubles Up and Cripples Peter Gould

Daniel Alaei raised to 38,000 under the gun preflop and Peter Gould made the call from the button. Curt Kohlberg called from the big blind and the flop was dealt 6Diamond Suit 6Spade Suit 3Spade Suit. Kohlberg checked, Alaei bet 48,000, and Gould raised to 144,000. Kohlberg then reraised all in for 464,000 and Alaei mucked. Gould called and Kohlberg flipped over 6Club Suit 5Heart Suit. Gould held ASpade Suit 5Spade Suit. The turn and river came out 6Heart Suit and 4Spade Suit, which gave Kohlberg quad sixes. He was up to 1.1 million after the hand, and Gould was crippled with just 22,000.

Peter GouldPeter Gould Eliminated and Hand-for-Hand Play Begins

Peter Gould (pictured right) was able to double up once with pocket queens after he was crippled by Kohlberg, and he grew his stack to 65,000. The next time he was all in, he ran into pocket queens and was eliminated from the tournament. Gould finished in 29th place and after his exit, the final 28 players entered hand-for-hand play until the money bubble burst.

Antonio Esfandiari Eliminated in 23rd Place ($28,569)

Antonio Esfandiari (pictured left) raised to 61,000 from the cutoff and John Juanda reraised to 183,000 from the big blind. Esfandiari reraised all in, and Juanda made the call. Their cards:

Antonio EsfandiariJuanda: KClub Suit KSpade Suit
Esfandiari: AHeart Suit 6Heart Suit

Board: 10Club Suit 7Diamond Suit 4Club Suit 10Heart Suit 7Spade Suit

Juanda won the hand to grow his stack to 1,565,000, and Esfandiari was eliminated.

Matt Stout Eliminated in 20th Place ($28,569)

Carter King raised to 52,000 from the cutoff and Curt Kohlberg made the call from the button. Matt Stout reraised all in from the big blind and King mucked. Kohlberg made the call and they flipped over their cards:

Kohlberg: JClub Suit JHeart Suit
Stout: 4Club Suit 4Spade Suit

Board: QDiamond Suit 3Club Suit 2Diamond Suit QClub Suit 7Diamond Suit

Stout was eliminated on the hand and Kohlberg held 2,425,000 after the hand.

Jeremy BrownJeremy Brown Eliminated in 19th Place ($28,569)

Joe Elpayaa raised on the button and both Jeremy Brown (pictured right) in the small blind and Faraz Jaka in the big blind made the call. The flop was dealt KDiamond Suit JSpade Suit 4Club Suit and Brown and Jaka checked. Elpayaa bet 110,000 and Brown raised all in. Jaka reraised all in over the top of Brown for 564,000 and Elpayaa went into the tank. He eventually mucked pocket aces face up. The two remaining players then flipped over their cards:

Brown: KSpade Suit QSpade Suit
Jaka: KHeart Suit JHeart Suit

Turn and River: 6Spade Suit and 8Heart Suit

Brown was eliminated on the hand and Jaka grew his stack to 1,150,000.

Faraz Jaka Doubles Up Through Scotty Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen raised to 70,000 from under the gun and Faraz Jaka called from middle position. The flop came down QClub Suit 10Diamond Suit 3Spade Suit and Nguyen checked.

Jaka bet 100,000 and Nguyen called. The turn was the 8Spade Suit and Nguyen checked. Jaka bet 250,000 and Nguyen check-raised to 650,000. Jaka then moved all in for just over a million, meaning it was only 372,000 for Nguyen to call.

Nguyen took his time, but eventually called with KHeart Suit JSpade Suit for an open-ended straight draw. Jaka showed pocket tens for a set and faded the eight-outer when the river was the 7Spade Suit. Nguyen took a monster hit to his stack and went down to 550,000, while Jaka chips up to 2.2 million.



almost 13 years ago

seriously. scotty nguyen . . . there's a dude who could use a little less alcohol during play, losing that much of his stack on a draw.