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Online Poker -- Brian Hastings Talks to CPTV After Historic Win

After Defeating Isildur1 for Nearly $4.2 Million, Hastings Prepares for Finals


Brian HastingsOn Monday, Brian Hastings will take an economics final – the last one of his semester. While he might indeed study a little bit this weekend, he will undoubtedly find time to celebrate after completing one of the most amazing heads-up sessions the online poker world has ever seen.

The college student took some time away from his studies – and from Full Tilt – to talk to Card Player TV’s Kristy Arnett for the newest edition of Poker Buzz. Hastings talks about his preparation for Isildur1 and why he thinks he won so much, and he analyzes some of the action of Isildur1’s other challengers.

Hastings, who was playing six tables of $500-$1,000 pot-limit Omaha against Isildur1 on Tuesday night, admits that he was not playing for all of his action in the $4.2 million win. That allowed him to play without worrying about the effect any loss might have on his bankroll, he said.

“I was very comfortably rolled for that,” said Hastings, who normally declines to play the highest stakes online but decided to take a shot at the new high stakes beast after his friends Brian Townsend and Cole South competed against Isildur1.

He credits Townsend and South for helping him sharpen his skills and shape his attack against the Swedish pro, and commends Isildur1’s abilities at the table, saying his own monster profit was the result of a tired and tilted Isildur1 and a great run of cards. That said, he admits he was quite pleased with his play.

“I came in fresh and he had already been playing for about nine hours,” Hastings said about the beginning of their five-hour-plus match. “Right off the bat, I just started running really hot.”

Hear about the match in Hasting’s words on Card Player TV:

Brian Hastings on CPTV