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Hastings Torches Isildur1 for up to $4.2 Million in Epic Poker Match

All the Damage Came in a Five-Hour Period


Brian HastingsEasy come, easy go.

There was a lot of speculation as to who would be the one who would bust Isildur1. Although the anonymous Swede had more than proven his skill at the toughest games around, his insane willingness to gamble against anyone and everyone at the highest stakes available seemed like it couldn’t end well.

Many people predicted it would be the legendary Phil Ivey or the dominant Patrik Antonius who would take most of Isildur’s bankroll. Some even thought that Tom Dwan would make a comeback and finish off the anonymous Swedish player.

But in the end, it was Brian Hastings who did the most damage.

The young pro may not have completely busted Isildur1, but he certainly took a very large chunk of his bankroll with one of the most opulent heads-up matches the online poker world has ever seen.

At the end of a five-hour session that saw the two players battle at $500-$1,000 pot-limit Omaha, Hastings was up anywhere from $3.2 million to $4.2 million. (That discrepancy comes from the tenuous poker tracking sites out there, which give a good sense of what’s going on but fail to be completely accurate.) While the exact amount may not be known, it is clear that Hastings crushed him.

At one point, with Hastings up big and thinking about calling it quits, Isildur1 aired out his frustration in the chat box:

Isildur1: ??
Dealer: Brian Hastings has 5 seconds left to act
Brian Hastings: getting very tired…
Dealer: Hand #16648979788 has been canceled
Brian Hastings: i feel bad quitting tho
Brian Hastings: would be be cool w/ playing someone else?
Isildur1: just f off
Isildur1: wåfä’qqqqqqqnhjwe4nm
Isildur1: dW
Isildur1: Q
Isildur1: u know how lucky u are ?
Brian Hastings: yes i know
Isildur1: i can promise this is the worst
Brian Hastings: ill give you 30 more min if you want
Isildur1: luck anyone had
Brian Hastings: but im rly tired
Isildur1: k 30 mins more
Isildur1: take my last $$
Isildur1: i dont want it
Isildur1: ::S:S

Hastings agreed to play 30 minutes more, but actually wound up playing closer to an additional hour, taking even more money off the Swedish pro before Isildur1 finally decided to call it a day.

Hastings, a regular at $25-$50 stakes, has not played too much at the nosebleeds recently. But after observing Isildur1 for a while, he took his shot — and what a shot it was. He has now taken the most money off of the newcomer than any other challenger.

Besides Hastings, Isildur1 has had the most trouble with Phil Ivey (to the tune of nearly $3 million*), Patrik Antonius (for about $2 million), and Brian Townsend (for about $1 million). He built his bankroll through his massive wins against Dwan (approximately $5 million to $6 million in the black) and his smaller but still very significant wins against David Benyamine, Haseeb Qureshi, and jungleman12 (all for roughly $500,000).

*All estimates are based on the available information out there, but should not be viewed as fact because of the unreliable nature of tracking programs.

If there’s one thing that seems for certain, it’s that as long as Isildur1 still has some money — and we know he does, since he finally cashed out against Hastings with about $450,000 remaining — he is willing to gamble, so don’t be surprised to see him at the tables in the days ahead.

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almost 12 years ago

The mysterious Swede is not a Swede at all, but rather a high profile American banker who entered a different country to throw people off, He will never be broke, EVER.


almost 12 years ago

It's a Swede who built his bankroll on the iPoker network, there must be a point when he goes broke.


almost 12 years ago

You both are wrong. It is elvis! He has finally surfaced after using all the money from his albums after his "death". The King lives!!!! One for the money, two for the show....