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Online Poker Banned in Poland

Legislation Banning Gambling Outside of Casinos is Passed in Poland


Prime Minister Donald TuskA new bill has just been passed in the Polish Parliament, restricting gambling to casinos only.

This means that not only will an estimated 50,000 slot machines, which may have been in places such as bars, cafes, and shopping centres, be removed, but Internet gambling such as online poker, and advertising for games of chance will be banned also.

Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk [pictured right] stuck to his word and drafted this new legislation. According to Polish news site,, in a vote of 48 to three with 30 abstentions, the bill was passed in the Senate. However, it still requires the signature of President Kaczyński.

In relation to this, Tusk said, “Barring any surprises, I hope the president will be able to affix his signature as of November 30.”