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WSOP Main Event Episode Crowns Winner Tonight on ESPN

Tune In at 9 P.M. ET


November NineEvery Tuesday night since Aug. 18, viewers have been tuning in to ESPN to watch the World Series of Poker main event field dwindle from 6,494 to just nine, and tonight at 9 p.m. ET, the world will see the newest world champion crowned.

The stage was set for drama as the November Nine reconvened after a four-month long hiatus. Story lines resumed as everyone wondered who would emerge as the last player standing. Will the incomparable experience of Phil Ivey prove too much for the amateurs at the table? Or will the logger, Darvin Moon, take his chip lead to the end to win the more than $8.5 million top prize?

The following are the seat positions and chip counts as the final table began:

Seat 1 — Darvin Moon — 58,930,000
Seat 2 — James Akenhead — 6,800,000
Seat 3 — Phil Ivey — 9,765,000
Seat 4 — Kevin Schaffel — 12,390,000
Seat 5 — Steven Begleiter — 29,885,000
Seat 6 — Eric Buchman — 34,800,000
Seat 7 — Joseph Cada — 13,215,000
Seat 8 — Antoine Saout — 9,500,000
Seat 9 — Jeff Shulman — 19,580,000

The Card Player reporting team was at the Penn and Teller Theatre at the Rio providing live updates throughout the historic event, so for a more detailed account of the final table, check out the WSOP landing page.

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9 years ago

This does make a mockery of the Nov 9 idea. Any big poker fan knows who won, the only people who don't know are the casual viewers and this concept probably hasn't affected their viewing habits.
Then there's the whole disappointment of who ended up in the final 2. As comic book guy might say 'worse final table ever'.


9 years ago

I purposely didn't find out who won so that it would be interesting. Had I found out how everything went down before, I probably wouldn't have watched. What a joke this tournament is. How do such horrible players win? It's like I'm playing on jokerstars with how lucky and stupid these people play, only its for $8.5 million. What a joke.