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WPT -- World Poker Finals Day 3

Action is Down to the Final Three Tables at Foxwoods


Lee MarkholtSoheil Shamseddin came into day 3 at the World Poker Tour World Poker Finals in second chip-position. He spent the day fighting to improve his stack, and he struck gold near the end of the night, doubling up to 945,000 to pace the field. He was joined at the top by a new face in the top 10 for this tournament, Lee Markholt (pictured right), who grew his stack to 812,000 during the day. Markholt is looking to book his second WPT title, while Shamseddin is looking to win his first.

Both players still have a ways to go with the three tables remaining in the tournament, but they have a head start over the competition. Their remaining opponents include professionals like Michael Mizrachi, Steve Brecher, Matt Stout, Adam Levy, Kenna James, and Card Player player of the year contenders Jason Mercier and Cornel Cimpan. Day 4 will begin tomorrow at noon EST, and you can check back at the end of the night for a summary of the action on Here is a look at the tournament statistics from day 3 at Foxwoods:

Notable Eliminations:

Before the Bubble: Danny Shiff, Dan O’Brien, Billy Pilossoph, Rick Fuller, Jonathan Tare, Matt Graham, Chris Dombrowski, Jonathan Jaffe, Robert Mclaughlin

In-the-money Eliminations: Adam Gerber (36th place), Nenad Medic (33rd place), Jack Schanbacher (31st place), Vinny Pahuja (30th place).

Day 3 Chip Leaders:

1: Soheil Shamseddin — 945,000
2: Lee Markholt — 812,000
3: Terrence Chan — 764,000
4: Matt Stout — 687,000
5: Steve Brecher — 595,500
6: Michael Mizrachi — 575,000
7: Frank Calo — 569,000
8: Adam Levy — 482,000
9: Alexi Lammi — 473,000
10: Christian Harder — 404,500

Hand of the Day:

Soheil Shamseddin Doubles Up

With blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante Soheil Shamseddin, David Vaillancourt, and Cornel Cimpan saw a flop of 8Heart Suit 6Club Suit 5Heart Suit. Shamseddin checked in the small blind, and Vaillancourt checked in the early position before Cimpan opened the action with a 30,000 bet. Shamseddin check-raised to 100,000, and Vaillancourt got out of Dodge. Cimpan called.

The turn was dealt 2Spade Suit, and Shamseddin bet 240,000. Cimpan raised all in, and Shamseddin made the all-in call. Their cards:

Shamseddin: 7Diamond Suit 6Heart Suit
Cimpan: 10Heart Suit 8Spade Suit

River: 7Spade Suit

Shamseddin doubled up to take the chip lead near the end of play with over 900,000 and Cimpan watched his stack drop to 315,000.

Payout Structure:

1: $910,058
2: $463,332
3: $265,710
4: $232,496
5: $199,283
6: $166,069
7: $132,855
8: $99,641
9: $66,427
10-12: $46,499
13-15: $36,535
16-20: $31,533
21-25: $26,571
26-30: $23,249
31-36: $21,588