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Mel Judah Officially Launches Cashout Poker

Version of Judah's New Payment Concept is Live at FullTilt Poker


Cashout PokerMel Judah has officially launched Cashout Poker and a version of it can now be found exclusively at This innovative payment system allows players to cash out chips at any stage of a multi-table tournament.

The system involves two prize pools, the main prize pool and a cashout pool. If a player needs to cashout during a tournament, they will receive half the value of their current chip stack from the cashout pool.

For example, if the buy-in for the event is $1,000, and there are 500 players, the prize pool will be $500,000 in total. However this new concept means there is two pools worth $250,000 each. If, for instance, the player has 40,000 in chips and has to leave, he/she can cashout for $20,000.

Any money left over in the cashout pool will be divided between the final two players (as well as the other prize pool) with 60 percent to the winner and 40 percent to the runner-up.

FullTiltPoker.comIt is worth pointing out however that the version of Cashout Poker on at the moment features a different payout structure. Players can currently only cashout in 10 percent increments of the buy-in and anyone who makes a final table will win a percentage of the remaining cashout pool.

This system is said to be of benefit to all kinds of players. It’s good for strong players who wish to cashout early but are deep in the event; weaker players who are sitting on a large chip stack but want to take the money and run; and experienced players who will see a reduction in field numbers."