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Christophe Benzimra Wins European Poker Tour Warsaw

Frenchman Wins €358,644 in Poland


Christophe Benzimra Wins EPT WarsawChristophe Benzimra (pictured right), from France, took just under eights hours to win the 2009 PokerStars European Poker Tour Warsaw main-event final table, and he was awarded €358,644 in prize money. He came into the final table sixth in chips and outlasted the competition, including Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano (who Benzimra busted in fourth place). The tournament win was a first for Benzimra, who took out four of his opponents at the final table, and it was just the fourth cash in his poker career.

Pagano added to a few of his records at this final table. It was his 12th EPT cash and his fifth EPT final table, both of which are the most ever. The next EPT event will take place in Vilamoura, Portugal, from Nov. 17-22. Continue reading below to see how the elimination hands fell at the final table. Here is a look at the final-table results:

1: Christophe Benzimra (France) — €358,644
2: Alfio Battisti (Italy) — €200,520
3: Oleksandr Vaserfirer (Ukraine) — €120,311
4: Luca Pagano (Italy) — €85,938
5: Ruslan Prydryk (Ukraine) — €71,041
6: Clayton Mozdzen (Canada) — €56,144
7: Alexander Klimashin (Russia) — €44,687
8: Anatoly Gurtovoy (Russia) — €32,082

Final-Table Elimination Hands:

Anatoly Gurtovoy Eliminated in Eighth Place (€32,082)

Anatoly Gurtovoy raised all in for 324,000 preflop, and Oleksandr Vaserfirer made the call. Their cards:

Gurtoyov: ADiamond Suit QSpade Suit
Vaserfirer: JHeart Suit JSpade Suit

Board: KDiamond Suit 8Club Suit 7Heart Suit 7Spade Suit 9Diamond Suit

Gurtoyov was eliminated on the hand in eighth place, and Vaserfirer grew his chip lead to 2.2 million.

Alexander Klimashin Eliminated in Seventh Place (€44,687)

Alexander Klimashin open-raised all in from middle position for 300,000, and Christophe Benzimra made the call. Their cards:

Klimashin: 9Diamond Suit 9Heart Suit
Benzimra: AHeart Suit KHeart Suit

Board: ASpade Suit 4Diamond Suit 2Heart Suit 3Spade Suit 3Heart Suit

Klimashin was eliminated in seventh place, and Benzimra grabbed his first elimination at the final table.

Clayton Mozdzen Eliminated in Sixth Place (€56,144)

Clayton Mozdzen raised to 70,000 preflop from early position, and Alfio Battisti reraised to 176,000. Mozdzen reraised all in, and Battisti made the call. Their cards:

Mozdzen: ASpade Suit KClub Suit
Battisti: AHeart Suit ADiamond Suit

Board: QSpade Suit 9Diamond Suit 2Heart Suit 7Club Suit 3Diamond Suit

Mozdzen was eliminated in sixth place.

Ruslan Prydryk Eliminated in Fifth Place (€71,041)

Oleksandr Vaserfirer raised to 70,000 to open a pot from the cutoff, and Ruslan Prydryk reraised to 250,000 from the button. Christophe Benzimra then reraised all in for 622,000. Vaserfirer made the call and covered Benzimra, while Prydryk made an all-in call for 620,000. The biggest pot in the tournament sat in the middle of the table when the three payers turned over their hands:

Prydryk: QClub Suit QSpade Suit
Benzimra: JClub Suit JHeart Suit
Vaserfirer: AClub Suit ADiamond Suit

Board: JDiamond Suit 10Heart Suit 4Club Suit 7Diamond Suit KClub Suit

Benzimra came from behind to win the hand and he tripled up to 1.95 million. Prydyrk was eliminated in fifth place. Vaserfirer took a hit, but he still held the chip lead with 2.15 million after the hand.

Luca Pagano Eliminated in Fourth Place (€85,938)

Christophe Benzimra raised preflop and Luca Pagano made the all-in call. Their cards:

Pagano: ADiamond Suit 5Diamond Suit
Benzimra: QHeart Suit 10Club Suit

Board: QClub Suit 6Club Suit 5Heart Suit 4Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit

Pagano was eliminated in fourth place, and Benzimra notched his third elimination at the final table.

Oleksandr Vaserfirer Eliminated in Third Place (€120,311)

Alfio Battisti raised to 110,000 preflop, and Oleksandr Vaserfirer reraised all in for 570,000 total. Battisti made the call and they flipped over their cards:

Battisti: AHeart Suit KSpade Suit
Vaserfirer: AClub Suit 8Heart Suit

Board: QClub Suit QDiamond Suit JHeart Suit 3Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit

Vaserfirer was eliminated in third place on the hand, and then the two final players went on dinner break.

Christophe Benzimra Wins EPT Warsaw (€358,644) — Alfio Battisti Eliminated in Second Place (€200,520)

After close to an hour of heads-up play, Christophe Benzimra raised to 120,000 preflop, and Alfio Battisti reraised to 250,000. Benzimra made the call, and the flop was dealt AClub Suit 7Club Suit 5Club Suit. Battisti bet 300,000, and Benzimra raised to 900,000. Battisti then reraised all in, and Benzimra made the call. Their cards:

Benzimra: ADiamond Suit 7Spade Suit
Battisti: KClub Suit 10Heart Suit

Turn and River: 8Heart Suit 5Heart Suit

Benzimra eliminated his fourth opponent of the day to win the EPT Warsaw title. Battisti was eliminated as the runner-up in the event.