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Aaron Gustavson Wins PokerStars EPT London Main Event

Gustavson Takes Home £850,000 ($1,354,042)


Aaron GustavsonThe 2009 PokerStars EPT London main-event champion is Aaron “aguskb” Gustavson. The 23-year-old Las Vegas resident earned £850,000 ($1,354,042) for the victory over 730 players in the largest live tournament ever held in the United Kingdom.

Gustavson battled a truly international final table and made quick work of reigning WSOP main-event Champion Peter Eastgate with only seven hands of heads-up play. This was Gustavson’s second live victory of the year, after winning a preliminary event this summer at the Borgata Summer Open for $53,592. He has had success online, as well, winning the Sunday Warm-up on PokerStars for $135,010.

Here were the chip counts heading into the final table:

1. Aaron Gustavson — 7,140,000
2. Peter Eastgate — 3,535,000
3. Martin Gudvangen — 3,510,000
4. Nikolai Senninger — 2,165,000
5. Dominic Cullen — 2,115,000
6. Raymond Wu — 1,535,000
7. Rui Milhomens — 1,095,000
8. Karim Bennanismires — 845,000

Here’s how all of the action went down, according to the Card Player Live Updates:

Karim BennaniKarim Bennani Eliminated in Eighth Place (£50,100)

In the first hand after the break, Karim Bennani shoved with K-3 for 290,000 and Rui Milhomens called from the big blind with KSpade Suit 10Spade Suit.

The flop came JSpade Suit 7Diamond Suit 3Spade Suit, giving Bennani a pair, but also giving Milhomens a flush draw. The turn ended his day as it fell the 4Spade Suit, and Milhomens made his flush. The river was the meaningless 5Club Suit, sending the Frenchman home in eighth place.

Raymond WuRaymond Wu Eliminated in Seventh Place (£87,000)

Raymond Wu waited a long time to get the rest of his chips in the middle, but finally put in the last 650,000.

Aaron Gustavson obliged by moving all in behind him to isolate, and both players turned over their cards. Gustavson showed KClub Suit 6Club Suit, and Wu was in trouble but live with QClub Suit 10Heart Suit.

The board rolled out KHeart Suit 8Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit 5Club Suit 2Diamond Suit, and the Team PokerStars pro was eliminated in seventh place.

Rui MilhomensRui Milhomens Eliminated in Sixth Place (£124,000)

Rui Milhomens raised to 230,000, and Peter Eastgate put him all in. Milhomens tanked for a bit before making the call for his last 2,175,000 with pocket eights. Eastgate shrugged and turned over ADiamond Suit 10Spade Suit for a race.

The board ran out KHeart Suit QDiamond Suit 6Heart Suit 4Spade Suit 10Heart Suit, and Eastgate paired his 10 on the river to send Milhomens to the rail. Eastgate chipped up to 7.46 million.

Nikolai Senninger Storms Up the Leader Board

Nikolai Senninger raised to 250,000 under the gun and got a lone caller in Martin Gudvangen in the big blind.

The flop came down KClub Suit KHeart Suit QDiamond Suit, and Senninger continued with a bet of 275,000. Gudvangen check-raised to 725,000, and after some thought, Senninger made the call.

The turn was the 4Spade Suit, and both players checked. The river was the 5Club Suit, and Gudvangen checked to Sennigner, who moved all in for 1.5 million. After some thought, Gudvangen called with Q-J, but Senninger showed pocket queens for a full house to chip up to 4.9 million. Gudvangen is hurt down to 1.6 million.

Dominic CullenDominic Cullen Eliminated in Fifth Place (£173,000)

Aaron Gustavson bet 240,000 and Dominic Cullen moved all in for 1,420,000. Gustavson called, and the two flipped their cards over. Gustavson had 8Heart Suit 8Club Suit, and Cullen showed ASpade Suit 10Spade Suit.

This time, the board fell 8Diamond Suit 5Heart Suit 4Spade Suit QHeart Suit KSpade Suit, and the pocket eights made a set to send the last UK player to the rail in fifth place. (Eastgate, however, does live in London at the moment.)

Martin GudvangenMartin Gudvangen Eliminated in Fourth Place (£227,000)

Getting short and desperate, Martin Gudvangen pushed for his last 1.1 million, and Nikolai Senninger called behind him.

Gudvangen showed ADiamond Suit 3Club Suit and was dominated by Senninger’s AHeart Suit QClub Suit. The board came down KSpade Suit 9Heart Suit 6Heart Suit 2Heart Suit 9Spade Suit and Gudvangen was eliminated. Senninger moved up to 5 million in chips, but was still the short stack at the table.

Nikolai SenningerNikolai Senninger Eliminated in Third Place (£285,000)

Nikolai Senninger raised to 275,000 from the button, and Aaron Gustavson reraised to 800,000 in the small blind. It was 525,000 more for Senninger to call, and he did.

The flop was dealt QHeart Suit 7Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit, and Gustavson bet 1,140,000. Senninger called without much hesitation, and the turn was the 9Club Suit. Gustavson thought for a few moments and then announced he was all in.

Senninger went into that dark and lonely tank and shuffled his chips as he considered the call. The pot was worth 10 million at this point, and Senninger silently thought about it. He eventually decided to call, and the two turned over their cards.

Senninger showed 8Heart Suit 8Club Suit, and Gustavson showed QDiamond Suit 10Spade Suit. The river was the 10Club Suit, and Senninger went out in third place.

Heads-Up Chip Counts

Aaron Gustavson — 14,045,000
Peter Eastgate — 7,895,000

Peter EastgateFirst Hand of Heads-Up Play Produces Fireworks

With four million already in the pot on a board of QClub Suit 5Spade Suit 2Spade Suit KClub Suit 5Heart Suit, Peter Eastgate in the small blind bet 1,135,000, and Aaron Gustavson raised it to 3,300,000 from the big blind.

Eastgate counted out the chips, looked at Gustavson, and tanked. The pot was now 7,325,000. After a few torturous minutes, Eastgate let it go and said, “Oh boy.” He exhaled as Gustavson chipped up to more than 16 million, and Eastgate moved down to 5 million.

Aaron GustavsonAaron Gustavson Wins 2009 EPT London Main Event (£850,000)

Peter Eastgate raised to 350,000 on the button, and Aaron Gustavson reraised to 900,000. Eastgate responded by moving all in for his last 4.5 million, and Gustavson instantly called him with ASpade Suit QDiamond Suit.

Eastgate was dominated with AHeart Suit 9Diamond Suit and failed to connect on a board reading 6Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit 3Spade Suit KClub Suit JHeart Suit. Eastgate was eliminated in second place and earned £530,000, but the lion’s share went to Gustavson, who picked up £850,000 for the win.