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Six More Gambling-Related Bank Accounts Seized

Maryland and California at the Focus of Latest Investigation


Federal authorities have seized additional bank accounts relating to online gambling.The Poker Players Alliance posted a Baltimore City Paper story on its website today that details the latest developments in an investigation that has seen more than a dozen bank accounts seized by federal authorities, six of which were confiscated earlier this month.

The focus of this case has been centered on Maryland, although most of the accounts that were seized were based in California, specifically the greater Los Angeles area. There were also accounts seized in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Authorities are saying that the bank accounts held gambling proceeds that involved money laundering.

This is not the first time federal authorities have seized bank accounts and their funds. The Southern District of New York made headlines earlier this year when its U.S. attorney’s office seized more than $30 million in online poker funds.

That case eventually led to the indictment of Douglas Rennick, who allegedly ran online poker payment processors.

The six accounts that were seized earlier this month were Wachovia bank accounts that were registered to a “Forshay Enterprises, Inc.” Previous bank seizures that took place in July and August involved companies called “Electracash, Inc.” and “HMD, Inc.”



over 11 years ago

With less than two months to go before full implementation of UIGEA, it doesn't look good for online poker in the U.S.


over 11 years ago

Maybe we can get Obama and Barney to change the law so that we can all play online poker. Of course they will demand that we are all dealt indentical cards. If by some mistake one player came out a winner, these winnings would then need to be spread around to the less fortunate players who did not win lifes lottery. Its the new American way.


over 11 years ago

Get use to playing for play chips cause that is exactly where we are heading, you can forget about trying to tax it because that would be way to complicted due to all the offshore sites in operation. It all stinks but at least we still have home games and my advice start working on your "live play" cause time is near.