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WPT -- Borgata Poker Open Day 4

The Final Table of Six is Set for Tomorrow


Steve BrecherIt was business as usual at the Borgata Poker Open today as the field once again played down quickly during eight levels of poker. This time, the number of players lost was small, as the field shrank from 27 down to a final television-table of six, but the stakes were high, as each spot climbed on the leader board meant thousands of dollars to the players remaining. The notable players left in the field made a strong run at the final table, but as you can see below, they fell like dominoes just before the television bubble. Olivier Busquet enters the final table with a massive chip lead; he holds one-third of the chips left in play with 10,350,000. The final table for the largest World Poker Tour event ever (in terms of entrants: 1,018 players) will take place tomorrow at 4 p.m.

Notable Eliminations:

25: Bobby Suer — $12,765
11: Chris Reslock — $39,976
10: Steve Brecher (pictured right) — $39,976
9: Ray Henson — $63,828

Hand of the Day:

Olivier Busquet Doubles Up to Take the Chip Lead

With blinds at 40,000-80,000 with a 5,000 ante, and seven players remaining, Michael Brown raised to 320,000 from middle position. Olivier Busquet made the call from the button, and the flop was dealt JHeart Suit 4Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit. Brown bet 500,000, and Busquet made the call. The turn fell JClub Suit, and Brown bet 1 million. Busquet once again made the call, and the river card was the 3Spade Suit. This time, Brown checked, and Busquet moved all in for 2.76 million. Brown made the call and flipped over 6Club Suit 6Spade Suit. Busquet showed down AHeart Suit JSpade Suit to win the pot and double up to 9.2 million, which gave him in the chip lead.

Here is a look at the seating chart for tomorrow’s final table with chip counts:

1: Yanick Brodeur — 5,780,000
2: Keith Crowder — 2,750,000
3: Jeremy Brown — 5,480,000
4: Olivier Busquet — 10,350,000
5: Kenny Nguyen — 600,000
6: Ivan Mamuzic — 5,655,000

Here is the prize pool for the final table:

1st: $925,514
2nd: $453,519
3rd: $251,955
4th: $216,681
5th: $188,126
6th: $156,212

Check back at at the end of the tournament tomorrow for a recap of the final table.