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World Poker Tour -- Thomas Bichon Wins Cyprus Classic

Frenchman Tops a Field of 181 Players to Win $579,165


Rep PorterThe first-ever World Poker Tour Merit Cyprus Classic has crowned a champion, and it is Frenchman Thomas Bichon. The $10,000 no-limit hold’em event attracted 181 players who created a top prize worth $579,165. The top 18 players were awarded prize money at the event, and many top professionals found themselves in the money. They included Tommy Vedes (18th), Anthony Lellouche (14th), Kelly Kim (11th), Layne Flack (10th), Nenad Medic (ninth), Jonathan Little (eighth), and Huck Seed (seventh).

The final table of six players began with Rony Jazzar leading the way in chips, but surprisingly, he was the first to hit the rail in sixth place ($73,535) after bluffing off a huge portion of his stack against Rep Porter. On his final hand, Jazzar moved all in with K-Q against Uri Keidar on a Q-7-5-2 board that held two spades. Keidar held 8Spade Suit 6Spade Suit, and when the 10Spade Suit fell on the river, Jazzar’s tournament was over. Janar Kiivermees fell in fifth place ($90,835) after he looked down at pocket fives and decided to move all in. Steven Fung called him down with pocket nines, and they held up to win the pot.

Four-handed action came next, and it proved to be the longest stretch of play at the final table. After three hours of battle, Rep Porter (QClub Suit 10Club Suit) decided to pin his tournament hopes on a flush draw against Thomas Bichon on a board of 9Spade Suit 5Club Suit 3Club Suit. Bichon called him down with pocket nines, and the board bricked out for Porter, who was eliminated in fourth place ($121,115).

Bichon scored his second elimination when his J-5 dominated the 9-5 of Fung preflop. The board cooperated for Bichon, and Fung busted out of play in third place ($216,275). This hand also made Bichon the overwhelming chip leader with 5.6 million against the 1.6 million of Keidar heading into heads-up play.

That edge was insurmountable for Keidar, who fell on the second hand of heads-up play. Keidar raised to 350,000 preflop, from the button and Bichon reraised all in. Keidar thought for a moment and then made the call. Their cards:

Bichon: 7Heart Suit 7Diamond Suit
Keidar: JHeart Suit 10Diamond Suit

Board: ASpade Suit KSpade Suit 7Club Suit 10Heart Suit 3Spade Suit

Keidar was eliminated in second place ($380,645), and Bichon captured the WPT title. Bichon also took home the first-place prize money of $579,615.

Here are the final results:

1st: Thomas Bichon — $579,165
2nd: Uri Keidar — $380,645
3rd: Steven Fung — $216,275
4th: Rep Porter — $121,115
5th: Janar Kiivramees — $90,835
6th: Rony Jazzar — $73,535

The next WPT event will take place at the Borgata Poker Open from Sept. 19-24.



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He is Porter in photo, not Bichon