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PokerStars EPT -- Barcelona Day 1A

A Small Turnout on Day 1A Kicks off the Tournament – Large Field Expected Tomorrow


Sebastian RuthenbergDay 1A at the 2009 PokerStars European Poker Tour Barcelona stop produced a small field of 208 players. Many players chose not to play in the first flight of the tournament; so many more are expected to flood Casino Barcelona tomorrow. The final number tomorrow will determine if this event can match the 619 players that played here during season five. That tournament was won by Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Ruthenberg, who took home €1,361,000 in prize money for the win.

Ruthenberg was in action on day 1A, along with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Germany members Katja Thater, and Florian Langmann. In fact, all three of them were seated together on day 1A after the dinner break. Ruthenberg’s title defense ended in defeat when he busted out during the closing stages of the day. By the end of nine levels of poker, the field had been nearly sliced in half – just 106 players remained. Players that joined Ruthenberg on the rail included, Team PokerStars Pros Thater, Jason Mercier, Luca Pagano, Johnny Lodden, and Marcin Horecki. Other that made an early exit were Arnaud Mattern, Dan O’Brien, Michael Keiner, Marc Gork, William Reynolds, PokerStars sponsored player Joseph Cada, and Jesper Hougaard.

A number of tough tables formed during day 1A. There was the aforementioned German trio, and the table right next to that one housed Faraz Jaka, Casey Kastle, Michael Greco, and Cada. Another battle ensued across the main walkway, where Horecki, Keiner, and Mattern all met their dooms while the chips flew at a stacked table that also included Roland de Wolfe and Dragan Galic. Both Galic (112,400) and de Wolfe (77,500) found themselves in good shape by the end of the night. One player that was an island unto himself at a table packed with unfamiliar faces was Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden. His play was aggressive, and the day was filled with highs and lows for him as a result. The day ended on a low note for Lodden, who got knocked out of the tournament before play ended. Here is a look at the chip leaders from day 1A:

Diego Arias Rodriguez (Spain) PokerStars Qualifier — 193,300
Friedrich Franz (Germany) PokerStars Qualifier — 146,550
Carlos Lopez (Spain) PokerStars Player — 137,700
Jorn Walthaus (Netherlands) PokerStars Player — 136,500
Malte Strothmann (Germany) — 121,400
Daniel Kalfa Sfadj (France) — 119,100
Jim Kilarjian (USA) PokerStars Passport Winner — 118,200
Matt Lapossie (Canada) PokerStars Qualifier — 114,200
Jan Collado (Germany) — 112,500
Dragan Galic (Croatia) — 112,400

A very large field is expected tomorrow for day 1B. Tune in at 12:30 p.m. CEST (3:30 a.m. PDT) to catch all of the action live from Barcelona, brought to you by Card Player’s tournament reporting team.

Here is a look at the highlights from day 1A as featured in’s live updates:

Johnny LoddenLodden Flops a Straight

Johnny Lodden checked a board of 7Heart Suit 5Spade Suit 3Diamond Suit KSpade Suit from the hi-jack and so did seat 7 from the cutoff, while 11,000 sat in the pot. The river was dealt 10Club Suit and Lodden bet 13,000. The cutoff went into the tank for a few minutes and then he eventually made the call. Lodden flipped over 6Club Suit 4Heart Suit for the flopped straight and his opponent mucked. Lodden picked up 37,000 on the hand.


A trio of German players have found themselves seated together at the same table after the dinner break. Team PokerStars Germany Pros Katja Thater, Sebastian Ruthenberg, and Florian Langmann. Wunderbar!

Galic vs. Horecki

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki bet 2,000 on a flop of KHeart Suit 10Club Suit 4Spade Suit from the button and Dragan Galic check-raised to 6,000 from middle position. Horecki thought for a moment, but then he decided to muck his cards. Part of that decision probably had to with the massive chip stack of Galic. He now holds 85,500 and his stack is among the largest during this young stage of the tournament.

Marcin HoreckiGalic vs. Horecki Part II

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki bet 2,000 preflop from middle position and Dragan Galic made the call on the button. The flop was dealt KDiamond Suit 9Club Suit 2Heart Suit and Horecki bet 3,500. Galic called and the turn fell ADiamond Suit. Horecki checked and Galic bet 5,000. The river was dealt 5Club Suit and both placyers checked. Horecki turned over KClub Suit QDiamond Suit and Galic mucked. These two continue to trade punches on day 1A.

Ruthenberg Busts in Title Defense

Just after tournament director Thomas Kremser announced that the players would play six hands before finishing for the night, Sebastian Ruthenberg was eliminated from the tournament.

All in preflop with ASpade Suit QSpade Suit versus pocket sixes, the board fell 9Spade Suit 8Spade Suit 7x 4x 2x and the sixes were enough to knock the former champion out.

Starting High – Finishing Low

Johnny Lodden had a roller-coaster day. He was among chip leaders, if not the chip leader around lunch time today, but he ends the day on the outside looking in to the tournament area.