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Playing Online Poker Nude and Other Strange Habits Report Reveals Other Tales of Poker Weirdness


A survey completed by reveals some interesting and fun tidbits about the online poker habits of Irish and English players.

The report, "Poker 2006: The State of Play," will be released next month, but the online site released some teasers that will be included. Some of those are:

Half the players surveyed have played in the nude or in their underwear.

More than 10 percent have injured themselves playing poker.

Close to 60 percent of players prefer poker to sex.

More than 70 percent said they wanted to throw their computer out the window after suffering a bad beat.

About a third of players surveyed said they would give up their partner for $1 million.

Survey participants also think that Fidel Castro would win a tournament at a table with George Bush, Tony Blair, Kim Jong Il, and Saddam Hussein.