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WPT Legends of Poker Day 3

The Field Plays Down to 27 Players on a Short Day 3


Bryan DevonshireDay 3 of the $10,000 no-limit hold’em World Poker Tour championship event at the 2009 Legends of Poker saw 74 players return to the new event center at the Bicycle Casino. Over the course of four levels, the field was whittled down to the top 27 players, and the money bubble burst.

One of those remaining players was Bryan Devonshire. He began the day with 230,200 in chips, and after a huge hand where he busted Daniel Negraenu in a boat-over-boat situation, Devonshire found himself at the top of the leader board with 455,000. He was in a great position to make a deep run into the event and appear at his second WPT final table, but then the fifth and final level of the day began. Devonshire got involved in a monster pot with Todd Terry, and this time the result was very different. Terry won a flush-over-flush situation, and Devonshire was shockingly eliminated in 26th place. He had been the chip leader when 27 players remained.

Other than the wild ride of Devonshire, action was much slower today than it had been during the previous two days of the tournament. Many players fell, but not before putting up a fight that stretched out the length of the play. The notable eliminations on day 3 included Devonshire, Greg Mueller, Jonathan Little, Bruce Buffer, Dwyte Pilgrim, David Baker, Van Nguyen, Markus Gonsalves, Lee Markholt, Paul Smith, Michael Kamran, Josh Schlein, Allen Kessler, Scotty Nguyen, Nick Schulman, Men Nguyen, and Negreanu.

The top of the leader board had some familiar faces still in place from day 2 by the end of play. Former chip leader Steven Begleiter held strong with 617,000, and he was joined by fellow November Nine finalist Kevin Schaffel (728,000) in the top three. Terry was the new kid on top after winning the largest hand of the day, and the new chip leader ended the night with 850,000. Be sure to tune back in tomorrow at 3 p.m. PDT to catch all of the action from day 4 in Card Player’s live coverage of the 2009 WPT Legends of Poker. The final 24 players will play down to a final table of six tomorrow.

Here is a look at the full list of chip counts and results for day 3:

Rank Player Name Chip Count
1 Todd Terry 850,000
2 Kevin Schaffel 728,000
3 Steven Begleiter 617,000
4 James Mackey 609,000
5 Eugene Katchalov 592,000
6 Bob Lauria 534,000
7 Toto Leonidas 456,000
8 Sam Stein 452,000
9 Prahlad Friedman 451,000
10 Matt Marafioti 388,000
11 Tony Gargano 342,000
12 Matt Widdoes 312,000
13 David Demanski 300,000
14 Thu Nguyen 277,000
15 Mike Krescanko 277,000
16 Sergei Veytser 255,000
17 Kia Mohajeri 215,000
18 Eric Hershler 180,000
19 Vigen Manukyan 168,000
20 Steven Chao 164,000
21 Carter King 119,000
22 Richard Sciuto 108,000
23 Stan Jablonski 92,000
24 Peter Rho 80,000
25 Salvatore DiCarlo $18,285
26 Bryan Devonshire $18,285
27 Nick Schulman $18,285

Here is a look at the highlights from day 3 as featured on’s live updates:

Daniel NegreanuDaniel Negreanu Eliminated

The cutoff raised preflop, and Daniel Negreanu made the call from the button. Bryan Devonshire made the call from the big blind, and the flop was dealt 7Spade Suit 7Club Suit 5Diamond Suit. Action was checked to Negreanu, who bet 7,000. Devonshire check-raised to 19,500, and the cutoff mucked his hand. Negreanu made the call, and the turn fell 3Club Suit.

Devonshire bet 28,000, and Negreanu made the call. The river was dealt 10Spade Suit, and Devonshire fired out another bet. Negreanu moved all in for 46,500, and Devonshire made the call. Their cards:

Devonshire: 5Spade Suit 5Heart Suit
Negreanu: 3Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit

Devonshire eliminated Negreanu and grew his chip stack to 455,000. Devonshire now held the chip lead.

David “SirSands” Sands Eliminated by Prahlad Friedman

David Sands raised to 7,200 from late position, and Prahlad Friedman reraised to 20,000 from the button. It got back around to Sands, who moved all in for 72,000. Friedman took his time before making the call with pocket eights. Sands showed AHeart Suit JHeart Suit and needed to hit to stay alive.

The board came KHeart Suit 7Heart Suit 3Club Suit KClub Suit 9Spade Suit, and Sands was eliminated from the tournament. Friedman moved up near the top of the leader board with 555,000.

Scotty NguyenScotty Nguyen Eliminated

Stan Jablonski raised to 6,500 preflop from middle position, and Sergei Veyster reraised to 15,500 from late position. Scotty Nguyen reraised all in for 36,500 total from the button, and Jablonski went into the tank. He made the call, and Veyster made the call, as well. Their cards:

Jablonski: AClub Suit ASpade Suit
Veyster: ADiamond Suit AHeart Suit
Nguyen: QDiamond Suit QHeart Suit

Board: 6Club Suit 3Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit 8Spade Suit 7Diamond Suit

Nguyen was eliminated on the hand, and Jablonski and Veyster split the pot. Jablonski held 90,000 after the hand, and Veryster held 240,000.

Men Nguyen Eliminated on the Bubble

Peter Rho raised in middle position, and Men Nguyen called on the short stack. The flop came out 7Club Suit 5Spade Suit 3Diamond Suit, and Nguyen pulled a stop-and-go by shoving for his last 44,000.

Rho thought it over for quite a while before calling with AHeart Suit 4Spade Suit, and Nguyen nervously turned over 3Heart Suit 2Heart Suit for bottom pair.

He asked the dealer for bricks, but the turn and river came 10Heart Suit and ASpade Suit, and Rho’s pair of aces gave him the pot and eliminated Nguyen on the bubble.

After the hand, Nguyen started in on the dealer with a barrage of F-Bombs, both in English and in Vietnamese. The dealer, who could apparently understand what he was saying, then called over the floor to report on the abuse.

The floor couldn’t do much, since you can’t enforce a penalty on a player who has already busted from the tournament.

Bryan Devonshire Eliminated, Room Stunned At Former Chip Leader’s Demise

Bryan Devonshire raised in position, and Todd Terry called from the small blind. The flop came out QDiamond Suit 9Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit, and after a series of bets and raises, both players found all their chips in the middle.

Devonshire showed 10Diamond Suit 8Diamond Suit for a flopped flush, but his heart sunk when Terry showed ADiamond Suit 7Diamond Suit for the nut flush.

The turn and river came 4Heart Suit and 5Heart Suit, and Devonshire was eliminated, shipping the 844,000 pot to Terry.