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‘The Brunson 10’ Hopes to Take DoylesRoom to New Heights

Doyle Brunson’s Site Launches New Campaign Featuring Young Pros


Doyle BrunsonWelcome to all new DoylesRoom — home of the legend, and the next generation.

For the past five years, Doyle Brunson’s site has embraced its reputation as the home of the old-time gamblers, sporting a cowboy look and the faces of Doyle and Todd Brunson, Mike Caro, and Hoyt Corkins. Now, with a clean new site, DoylesRoom is rebranding itself as the home of the next generation.

DoylesRoom announced this week that it was launching a new campaign, featuring some of best and brightest talent that the online community has to offer.

“I’m in the process of recruiting what’s called The Brunson 10,” said Will Griffiths, the new vice president of global marketing for DoylesRoom. “We’re looking to pick people who are under 25, who are achieving at the highest level, and who have potential at becoming the future legends.”

Alec TorelliThe site has selected Alec Torelli (pictured at right), Amit Makhija, and Zach Clark as the first three members of the exclusive 10-member group. The seven remaining members will be selected and announced in the months ahead.

“It’s definitely just such an honor to be selected by them as one of the 10,” said Clark, the nephew of the late Chip Reese and the winner of nearly $2 million in tournament earnings. “I’m definitely going to try to live up to it.”

Torelli said the fact that DoylesRoom was focused on such a select group of representatives was a major reason he decided to sign with the site.

“It’s really cool that it’s very exclusive. One of my big concerns about signing with a site was because these days, what’s another pro with a website? Everyone’s a pro on Full Tilt or Stars. It’s so diluted, that being a pro on a website isn’t really something you aspire to — not to say that the pros are bad or that the deals aren’t great for them,” said Torelli, who final-tabled the World Series of Poker’s new $40,000 event this summer.

Zachary ClarkAccording to Griffiths, all of the players of the Brunson 10 will hold clauses in their contracts that reward them as the site grows, further incentivizing them to make the poker room as great as it can possibly be. Not only will they wear DoylesRoom gear in live tournaments, they will advise the site on what it must do to become a better site.

Clark (pictured above left) believes that with the Brunson 10’s feedback, the site can establish itself as one of the premiere places to play.

“There are a lot of improvements that they can make and that they need to make. But there’s tremendous upside for them,” said Clark. “I see big things for DoylesRoom.”

The new pros are clearly psyched to be on board with the biggest name in poker.

“We have the legend as our mentor,” said Torelli. “He’s just done so much for the game.”

With a number of new pros to target in DoylesRoom’s popular bounty tournaments, the site’s players will also be competing for the new ‘Vegas Experience’ packages, which include luxurious weekend trips to Las Vegas to hang out with Brunson and the new pros.

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over 13 years ago

thought you were saying something else, b-dawg


over 13 years ago

The style of the old site was way better, it had a unique look and feel. The new site just looks like all the other sites out there. Boring ....


over 13 years ago

doyles room needs to add the direct deposit method like tilt and stars. That is what stopped me from joining.


over 13 years ago

Screw Doyle's Room, I like Doyle, but his room can kiss my ***. I signed up there and after winning my first tournament had my account put on hold. I later found out it was because some hacker tried accessing my account and they said that it was someone I knew that had a history of doing this. They told me that I should not have let him have access to my account and for that I was not welcome there anymore. I've never stole so much as a candy bar and they took my winnings from the tournament as well as my deposit.


over 13 years ago

they were probably 100% right Dmick. lol. Nuff Said. p.s. is it okay that i make myself laugh out loud. :)


over 13 years ago

If you cheat, you deserve to get it all taken away. I would bet it all, that it was cheating, glad you got caught, and I hope that there is a transfer of information between internet sites on who is cheating and let them all be known..