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WSOP -- Derek Raymond Wins Event No. 46

Raymond Takes Home $229,192 and his First Gold Bracelet


Derek Raymond came into the final day of play in event No. 46 ($2,500 Omaha eight-or-better) at the 2009 World Series of Poker in ninth chip position out of the 23 players that remained. He eventually found himself in first position when it mattered most, and he won his first gold bracelet and $229,192 in prize money.

Raymond defeated a tough lineup of players on the final day that included Mike Matusow (23rd), Can Kim Hua (17th), Frankie O’Dell (16th), John Monnette (10th), Pat Poels (Ninth), Mark Gregorich (Eighth), and Michael Keiner (Seventh). Although his final opponents were not as noted as those listed above they still put up a strong fight, especially runner-up Mark Tenner. Raymond was not crowned champion until after 3 a.m., a long 14 hours after play began on the final day.

Here are the final results:

1. Derek Raymond – $229,192
2. Mark Tenner – $141,647
3. Scott Bohlman – $93,199
4. Fabio Coppola – $65,094
5. Josh Schlein – $48,028
6. Sirous Jamshidi – $37,350
7. Michael Keiner – $30,562
8. Mark Gregorich – $26,213
9. Pat Poels – $23,541

Here are the elimination hands, as featured on’s live updates:

Pat Poels Eliminated in Ninth Place ($23,541)

Pat Poels raised preflop and Scott Bohlman reraised. Poels made the call and the flop was dealt 8Heart Suit 8Spade Suit 7Club Suit. Bohlman bet and Poels made the call. The 9Spade Suit fell on the turn and Bohlman bet out again. Poels then raised all in, Bohlman called, and they turned up their cards:

Bohlman: ASpade Suit ADiamond Suit 7Spade Suit 4Heart Suit
Poels: AClub Suit AHeart Suit JDiamond Suit JSpade Suit

River: 5Spade Suit

Bohlman made a flush on the river and he eliminated Poels in ninth place. Bohlman had Poels covered by just 1,000.

Mark Gregorich

Mark Gregorich Eliminated in Eighth Place ($26,213)

Mark Gregorich moved all in preflop for 24,000 and both Josh Schlein and Mark Tenner made the call. The flop fell KHeart Suit 8Spade Suit 4Diamond Suit and Tenner bet. Schlein mucked and the final two players flipped up their cards:

Tenner: KDiamond Suit JDiamond Suit 9Club Suit 8Diamond Suit
Gregorich: AHeart Suit KSpade Suit 10Spade Suit 10Heart Suit

Turn and River: KClub Suit 6Heart Suit

Tenner won the hand with a full house and Gregorich was eliminated in eighth place.

Michael Keiner

Michael Keiner Eliminated in Seventh Place ($30,562)

Michael Keiner raised all in preflop and Derek Raymond made the call. Their cards:

Keiner: ASpade Suit 10Heart Suit 5Heart Suit 5Diamond Suit
Raymond: JClub Suit 9Spade Suit 4Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit

Board: KHeart Suit JHeart Suit 8Diamond Suit 8Club Suit 6Club Suit

Keiner was eliminated on the hand in seventh place by the jacks up of Raymond.

Sirous Jamshidi Eliminated in Sixth Place ($37,350)

Sirous Jamshidi checked a board of 5Spade Suit 4Diamond Suit 2Heart Suit 7Diamond Suit and Scott Bohlman bet. Jamshidi raised all in and Bohlman made the call. Their cards:

Bohlman: ADiamond Suit KDiamond Suit JDiamond Suit 3Spade Suit
Jamshidi: QClub Suit 5Club Suit 4Heart Suit 2Club Suit

River: 9Diamond Suit

Bohlman made a wheel and Jamshidi was eliminated in sixth place.

Josh Schlein Eliminated in Fifth Place ($48,028)

Josh Schlein moved all in for 110,000 preflop and Derek Raymond made the call. Their cards:

Schlein: 7Diamond Suit 6Club Suit 5Spade Suit 5Diamond Suit
Raymond: QDiamond Suit 10Heart Suit 4Diamond Suit 3Diamond Suit

Board: AClub Suit QClub Suit 6Diamond Suit JClub Suit 8Club Suit

Schlein was eliminated in fifth place.

Fabio Coppola Eliminated in Fourth Place ($65,094)

Derek Raymond raised preflop and Fabio Coppola reraised. Raymond made the call. Raymond then check called Coppola all the way to the river, when he moved all in. Raymond made the call then as well and they flipped up their cards:

Coppola: ASpade Suit KClub Suit 4Spade Suit 3Heart Suit
Raymond: ADiamond Suit KSpade Suit 10Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit

Board: JDiamond Suit 7Heart Suit 5Heart Suit JClub Suit QDiamond Suit

Coppola was eliminated on the hand in fourth place by the jacks up of Raymond.

Scott Bohlman Eliminated in Third Place ($93,199)

Scott Bohlman raised preflop and Mark Tenner called him down. The flop was dealt JDiamond Suit 7Club Suit 5Diamond Suit and Bohlman bet. Tenner called and the 5Heart Suit fell on the turn. Bohlman bet all in and Tenner made the call. Their cards:

Bohlman: ADiamond Suit KSpade Suit QSpade Suit 7Spade Suit
Tenner: ASpade Suit KHeart Suit 5Spade Suit 4Club Suit

Tenner won the hand with trip fives and Bohlman was eliminated in third place.

Derek Raymond Wins Event No. 46 ($229,192)

Mark Tenner moved all in preflop from the button and Derek Raymond made the call. Their cards:

Tenner: KDiamond Suit QHeart Suit 3Heart Suit 2Heart Suit
Raymond: 10Spade Suit 5Club Suit 4Club Suit 3Diamond Suit

Board: JDiamond Suit 7Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit ADiamond Suit 4Diamond Suit

Raymond won the hand, the tournament, and $229,192. He was also awarded his first gold bracelet. Tenner was awarded $141,647 for his runner-up finish.