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WSOP -- Jeffrey Lisandro Wins His Third Bracelet of the Summer

Lisandro Continues a Dominant 2009 WSOP Run to Win His Fourth Career Bracelet


Jeffrey LisandroAnyone who was present in the Amazon Room on June 24 to watch the 2009 World Series of Poker got to witness poker history, and they watched it take place in dominating fashion. Jeffrey Lisandro took home his third gold bracelet of the summer and $188,730 when he won event No. 44 ($2,500 seven-card razz). Lisandro has now cashed six times at the 2009 WSOP, and he has won $807,486. Lisandro has defeated a combined total of 835 players to win his three bracelets. The win also gave Lisandro 3,018 points in the Card Player Player of the Year race, which currently puts him in fifth place.

Lisandro came into the final table with a 2-1 chip lead over his closest competitor, and he never hesitated on his march to victory. Lisandro eliminated three of his final four opponents at the eight-handed final table, and he is the first player to win three bracelets in one summer since Phil Ivey accomplished the feat in 2002.

The final day of the event started with 13 players, and some big names fell on the way down to the final table, including Nikolay Evdakov (13th), Ville Wahlbeck (12th), and Al Barbieri (11th). The final table was tough, as well, with Allen Bari, Kenna James, and noted poker author Michael Craig in the mix, but nothing could stop the momentum that Lisandro had built up at that point. He won the final table in two hours and 40 minutes, making it the shortest final table of the 2009 WSOP through 44 events. Especially impressive considering that razz is a limit game, noted for its conservative play.

Lisandro completed a seven-card stud trifecta for the summer with his latest bracelet win. His victories in event No. 16 ($1,500 seven-card stud), event No. 37 ($10,000 seven-card stud eight-or-better world championship), and tonight’s seven-card razz event give him a bracelet in each stud discipline. Lisandro now holds four bracelets for his career, his first came in a $2,000 seven-card stud event in 2007.

Here are the final results:

1. Jeffrey Lisandro – $188,370
2. Michael Craig – $116,405
3. Ryan Fisler – $76,261
4. Warwick Mirzikinian – $52,773
5. Eric Rodawig – $38,741
6. Kenna James – $29,473
7. Steven Diano – $23,669
8. Allen Bari – $19,880

Here are the elimination hands from the final table, as featured in’s live updates:

Allen BariAllen Bari Eliminated in Eighth Place ($19,880)

Bari — (Q-4)6-K-8-Q(A)
Fisler — (3-9)4-K-6-4(5)

Kenna James brought it in, and Allen Bari completed. Ryan Fisler called, and James got out of the way. Fisler bet on fourth street, and Bari called all in.

By seventh, Bari could only manage a Q-8 low, which was easily bested by Fisler’s 9-6, eliminating him from the tournament.

Steve DianoSteve Diano Eliminated in Seventh Place ($23,669)

Mirzikinian — (8-7)4-5-10-A(J)
Diano — (4-7)6-4-4-5(J)

Michael Craig brought it in, and Warwick Mirzikinian completed. Steve Diano called, Craig folded, and both player got the rest in on fourth.

After all the cards were dealt out, Mirzikinian’s 8-7 low easily beat Diano’s J-7, busting him from the tournament.

Kenna JamesKenna James Eliminated in Sixth Place ($29,473)

James — (4-8)6-A-7-4(Q)
Craig — (6-6)2-3-J-5(7)

Kenna James completed, and Michael Craig called. Craig bet on fourth, and James called all in. The 7-6 low of Craig eliminated James in sixth place.

Eric Rodawig Eliminated in Fifth Place ($38,471)

Rodawig — (K-5)5-8-Q-J(?)
Lisandro — (Q-9)7-6-10-5(?)

Eric Rodawig was all in on third street against Jeffrey Lisandro.

Lisandro hit a 10-9 on sixth street, and Rodawig had drawn so poorly that he was already dead. Rodawig made his exit in fifth place.

Warwick Mirzikinian Eliminated in Fourth Place ($52,773)

Lisandro — (10-7)4-5-2-6(2)
Mirzikinian — (10-4)3-8-A-J(Q)

Ryan Fisler brought it in, and Jeffrey Lisandro completed. Warwick Mirzikinian called, and Fisler folded.

On fourth street, Lisandro bet, Mirzikinian raised, and Lisandro called. Lisandro bet again on fifth, Mirzikinian raised all in, and Lisandro called.

By the end, Lisandro had made a 7-6 low, and Mirzikinian bricked to make a 10-8, sending him to the rail.

Ryan Fisler Eliminated in Third Place ($76,261)

Craig — (6-2)4-3-J-10(5)
Fisler — (9-5)8-5-4-5(K)

Michael Craig completed, and Ryan Fisler raised all in. Craig called and made a very strong 6-5, busting Fisler who could only turn over a king-low.

Michael CraigMichael Craig Eliminated in Second Place ($116,405)

Lisandro — (10-8)4-4-9-7(J)
Craig — (8-6)A-A-8-J(K)

Jeffrey Lisandro completed, and Michael Craig raised. Lisandro called, and Craig got the rest of his chips in on fifth street.

By the final card, Craig had bricked hard, making a king-low, and Lisandro’s 10-low was enough to win the tournament, earning Lisandro his third bracelet of the 2009 World Series of Poker!

Jeffrey LisandroJeffrey Lisandro Wins Event No. 44 ($188,370)

Not since Phil Ivey’s performance in 2002 has a player won three bracelets in the same year. With his third bracelet of the summer, Jeffrey Lisandro has proven to be one of the best stud players on the planet and has all but locked up WSOP Player of the Year honors. It will take another bracelet by Brock Parker, Ville Wahlbeck, or the aforementioned Ivey to catch the red-hot Lisandro.



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