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World Series of Poker -- Jeffrey Lisandro Becomes Third Double-Bracelet Winner of 2009

Lisandro Earned $431,656 For His Second Bracelet of the Summer


Jeffrey LisandroJeffrey Lisandro spent years chasing his first World Series of Poker bracelet. In fact, it took him seven tries final tables before he finally came out on top in the 2007 seven-card stud event.

Three finals tables later, Lisandro picked up his second bracelet, this time in the 2009 seven-card stud event. Early Sunday morning, Lisandro made history, winning his third career bracelet in event No. 37 ($10,000 seven-card stud eight-or-better) and becoming the third player this Series to win two bracelets.

Lisandro joins Brock Parker and Phil Ivey as this year’s double-bracelet winners, and he is now firmly in the hunt for WSOP Player of the Year honors.

The runner-up finisher was former bracelet winner Farzad Rouhani. Doyle Brunson’s bid for his record-tying 11th bracelet fell short as he was eliminated in seventh place.

Here are the final table results:

1. Jeffrey Lisandro — $431,656
2. Farzad Rouhani — $266,804
3. Michael Wattel — $176,605
4. Frank Mariani — $124,684
5. Yan Chen — $93,513
6. Abe Mosseri — $74,258
7. Doyle Brunson — $62,234
8. Justin Smith — $54,896

Here are the final table eliminations according to Card Player’s Live Updates:

Justin SmithJustin Smith Eliminated in Eighth Place ($54,896)

Yan Chen bet on fourth street, and only Justin Smith made the call. Both players checked fifth street, and then Chen bet on sixth street. Smith made the call, and on seventh street, Chen bet again. Smith made the all-in call. Their cards:

Chen: (X-X) 10Diamond Suit 10Spade Suit QDiamond Suit JHeart Suit (X)
Smith: (X-X) 9Club Suit 2Spade Suit ASpade Suit 9Diamond Suit (X)

Chen turned over JDiamond Suit 6Diamond Suit 4Diamond Suit for a queen-high flush, which eliminated Smith in eighth place.

Doyle Brunson Eliminated in Seventh Place ($62,234)

Doyle BrunsonDoyle Brunson committed his final 13,000 to the bring-in on third street, and Farzad Rouhani completed. Yan Chen made the call. Rouhani bet out on fourth street, and Chen mucked. Brunson and Rouhani then flipped up their hands:

Brunson: (K-Q) 2Club Suit 4Spade Suit 9Diamond Suit 7Heart Suit (X)
Rouhani: (A-4) 4Club Suit 4Diamond Suit 10Club Suit 10Spade Suit (X)

Rouhani made a full house, and Brunson was eliminated in seventh place. He received a large round of applause from the audience as he made his exit.

Abe MosseriAbe Mosseri Eliminated in Sixth Place ($74,258)

Mike Wattel brought it in with a 4, and Frank Mariani completed. Abe Mosseri raised Wattel out, and Mariani called.

On fourth street, Mariani called another bet from Mosseri, and they both got it in during a raising war on sixth.

Mariani: (9x-7x) 9Club Suit 6Club Suit 7Diamond Suit 9Spade Suit (X)
Mosseri: (Qx-7x) QSpade Suit 5Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit 8Diamond Suit (8x)

Mariani filled up his nines on sixth street, and Mosseri failed to make a low with his queens, busting in sixth place.

Yan Chen Eliminated in Fifth Place ($93,513)

Yan Chen brought it in for his last 19,000, and Farzad Rouhani made the call.

Chen: (ASpade Suit 2Club Suit) 7Club Suit KSpade Suit JSpade Suit 2Spade Suit (10Club Suit)
Mariani: (6Diamond Suit 5Diamond Suit) ADiamond Suit 6Club Suit 10Heart Suit 3Heart Suit (X)

Rouhani could only make a pair of sixes, but that was enough to bust Chen, who could only show a pair of deuces and a busted spade-flush draw.

Frank Mariani Eliminated in Fourth Place ($124,684)

After being crippled in the previous hand, Frank Mariani was all in on his ante and was called in three places.

Wattel: (X-X) 5Heart Suit 6Spade Suit 8Club Suit JHeart Suit
Rouhani: (X-X) 10Spade Suit AHeart Suit 5Heart Suit 10Heart Suit (X)
Lisandro: (X-X) QSpade Suit 7Diamond Suit ASpade Suit 5Diamond Suit (X)
Mariani: (X-X) Kx 7Spade Suit 5Spade Suit Kx (X)

Jeff Lisandro made the best low, and Farzad Rouhani showed queens up to take the high. Mariani couldn’t improve on his kings and was eliminated.

Mike WattelMike Wattel Eliminated in Third Place ($176,605)

Farzad Rouhani brought it in with a trey, and Jeffrey Lisandro completed. Mike Wattel called, and Rouhani got out of the way.

Wattel: (ASpade Suit 7Spade Suit) 7Heart Suit JDiamond Suit KHeart Suit X (X)
Lisandro: (4Diamond Suit 5Club Suit) 8Diamond Suit 7Diamond Suit 10Heart Suit 5x (4x)

Wattel check-raised all in on fourth street, and Lisandro called. On seventh, Lisandro made fives up, and Wattel bricked on his pair of sevens and low draw to bust from the tournament.

Farzad RouhaniJeffrey Lisandro Wins Event No. 37 ($431,656) Farzad Rouhani Eliminated in Second Place ($266,804)

Farzad Rouhani brought it in with a deuce, and Jeffrey Lisandro completed. Rouhani raised, Lisandro reraised, and Rouhani put in the fourth bet. Lisandro called, and both players checked fourth street.

Rouhani: (ASpade Suit 5Spade Suit) 2Club Suit 3Club Suit 10Spade Suit 2Heart Suit (KDiamond Suit)
Lisandro: (6Diamond Suit 2Spade Suit) 6Spade Suit 10Club Suit 10Heart Suit KHeart Suit (5Heart Suit)

Lisandro bet on fifth, and Rouhani called. Lisandro’s tens up were in the lead but up against Rouhani’s wheel draw. The cards bricked for Rouhani, and Lisandro took down his second bracelet of the year and third overall.