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Rounders Writers and DiCaprio Reportedly On For Poker Film

New Movie to Focus on the World of Online Poker


It is doubtful Teddy KGB will be in the new movie.The details are being closely guarded, but what little is known is enough to make poker fans giddy with anticipation.

The writers of Rounders, widely considered the best poker movie of all time, have written a new script that supposedly centers on the world of online poker, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

The two major entertainment industry trade magazines also report that Paramount has picked up the script, and that it has signed on Leonardo DiCaprio for the film.

“Paramount has picked up an untitled pitch from Brian Koppelman and David Levien that takes place in the world of Costa Rica-based online casinos,” The Hollywood Reporter wrote. “Leonardo DiCaprio is attached to star, and his Appian Way cohort Jennifer Davisson Killoran is producing.”

Koppelman and Levin might be best known for their Ocean’s Thirteen script, but most poker fans are certainly supporters of their 1998 film Rounders, which starred Matt Damon and Edward Norton as high-stakes poker players navigating their way through the gritty, underground poker world of New York City.

The movie glorified the game and is often referenced by many current pros, such as 2003 world champ Chris Moneymaker, as a major influence in their decision to start playing poker.

DiCaprio remains one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, known for his starring roles in The Departed, The Aviator, Catch Me if You Can, Gangs of New York, and Titanic.

The actor is not a stranger to online poker. DiCaprio was photographed at a Los Angeles Lakers game wearing a DoylesRoom hat, a nod to Doyle Brunson’s popular poker site. Brunson had previously donated to an environmental movie that DiCaprio produced and narrated.

There is no set timeline on production for the film.



almost 12 years ago

can't wait to see it.


almost 12 years ago

decaprio is the best actor out there IMO ,the departed was one of best movies ever ..ill be there day it opens hope it all comes together ..k coffe time


almost 12 years ago

it may be about the cheating thing...
they need a feel good moneymaker movie...


Mr. Blonde24
almost 12 years ago

Don't get too excited. These are also the same guys that brought us that smelly turd "TILT" on ESPN a few years ago, where every big player was a cheat. This project will almost certainly give poker another black eye about the rigging of online play - book it. What other drama is there in the "world of online poker based in Costa Rica?"