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WSOP -- John-Paul Kelly Wins Event No. 20

Kelly Takes Home His First Bracelet and $194,434


It was a battle of England vs. Germany in the heads-up final of event No. 20 ($1,500 pot-limit hold’em) at the World Series of Poker on June 11, as John-Paul Kelly and Mark Tschirch battled for a gold bracelet. It took a little over an hour for the Englishman, Kelly, to prevail and win the $194,434 first-place prize. This is the first gold-bracelet win by an Englishman since 2007, when Ram Vaswani won a $1,500 limit hold’em shootout event.

The 23-year-old poker professional also beat out Erik Seidel and Jason Dewitt at the final table to take home his first gold bracelet. Seidel made his 30th WSOP final-table appearance, but he busted in seventh place, falling short of his ninth gold bracelet. Kelly’s win makes for four international bracelet winners through the first 20 events here at the 2009 WSOP.

Here are the final results:

1. J.P. Kelly – $194,434
2. Marc Tschirch – $120,102
3. Jason Dewitt – $79,826
4. Kyle Carlston – $54,711
5. Aaron Virchis – $40,048
6. Tony Steward – $30,837
7. Erik Seidel – $24,919
8. Andrew Radek – $21,082
9. Ravi Raghavan – $18,634

Here is a look at the elimination hands as featured in’s live updates#:

Ravi Raghavan Eliminated in Ninth Place ($18,634)

Marc Tschirch raised to 30,000, and Ravi Raghavan reraised to 102,000. Tschirch called, and Raghavan moved all in blind for his last 34,000.

The flop came 10Club Suit 9Spade Suit 8Heart Suit, and Tschirch called, showing pocket jacks. Raghavan showed pocket sevens and was eliminated when the turn and river came 4Diamond Suit 4Heart Suit.

Andrew Radel Eliminated in Eighth Place ($21,082)

Andrew Radel raised to 36,000 in the small blind, and J.P. Kelly reraised to 100,000 from the big blind. Radel called, and the flop came out ADiamond Suit 10Heart Suit 2Club Suit.

Radel bet 100,000, and Kelly moved all in. Radel called all in and showed AHeart Suit QHeart Suit. Kelly was in major trouble with pocket nines.

The turn and river came JDiamond Suit 9Club Suit, and Kelly rivered a set to send Radel out in eighth place.

Erik SeidelErik Seidel Eliminated in Seventh Place ($24,919)

Erik Seidel raised to 30,000, and Jason Dewitt called. The flop was KClub Suit JSpade Suit 8Heart Suit, and Dewitt bet 30,000.

Seidel called, and the turn was the 5Heart Suit. Dewitt bet 80,000, and Seidel called after some thought.

The river was the 5Diamond Suit, and Dewitt put Seidel all in. Seidel called after a few minutes, and Dewitt showed pocket eights for a full house to eliminate Seidel.

Tony Steward Eliminated in Sixth Place ($30,837)

Tony Steward raised to 35,000, and Marc Tschirch called in the big blind. The flop came out QSpade Suit JClub Suit 4Heart Suit, and Steward bet 60,000.

Tschirch check-raised to 175,000, and Steward tanked for a bit before moving in for just 8,000 more. Tschirch called with KHeart Suit JHeart Suit and was well ahead of Steward’s JHeart Suit 3Club Suit.

The turn and river came 6Heart Suit 5Heart Suit, and Steward was eliminated from the tournament.

Aaron Virchis Eliminated in Fifth Place ($40,048)

J.P. Kelly raised to 32,000 in the small blind, and Aaron Virchis called.

The flop came out 10Heart Suit 10Diamond Suit 4Heart Suit, and Kelly put Virchis all in. Virchis called with KSpade Suit 8Heart Suit and was behind Kelly’s AClub Suit 4Club Suit.

The turn and river came JClub Suit AHeart Suit, and Virchis was eliminated.

Kyle Carlston Eliminated in Fourth Place ($54,711)

Jason Dewitt limped and Kyle Carlston raised to 90,000. J.P. Kelly reraised and Dewitt folded.

Carlston called off the last of his chips with AClub Suit JDiamond Suit but was crushed by Kelly’s ASpade Suit KSpade Suit.

The board ran out AClub Suit QDiamond Suit 7Spade Suit 9Spade Suit 4Spade Suit, and Kelly made the nut flush to take out Carlston.

Jason Dewitt Eliminated in Third Place ($78,826)

Jason Dewitt was all in for his last 92,000 holding AHeart Suit 10Spade Suit against the 7Spade Suit 6Club Suit of Marc Tschirch.

The board ran out 9Diamond Suit 8Spade Suit 4Diamond Suit KHeart Suit 6Diamond Suit, and Dewitt was eliminated in third place.

J.P. KellyJ.P. Kelly Wins Event No. 20 ($194,434) Marc Tschrich Eliminated in Second Place ($120,102)

Marc Tschirch raised to 55,000 on the button, and J.P. Kelly reraised to 150,000. Tschirch called, and both players saw a flop of 8Club Suit 5Diamond Suit 4Spade Suit.

Kelly bet 155,000, and Tschirch called. The turn was the QClub Suit, and Kelly bet 300,000. Tschirch moved all in, and Kelly instantly called with ASpade Suit QHeart Suit. Tschirch was well behind with AHeart Suit 5Heart Suit, and the 2Club Suit on the river sealed his fate.

J.P. Kelly won the tournament and his first career gold bracelet. Kelly is much more well-known for his online success, particularly in the bigger buy-in tournaments, but his $194,434 first-place prize makes up the biggest of his career. Congratulations to our champion.