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WSOP -- Lisa Hamilton Wins Event No. 17

Hamilton Takes Home $195,390 for Victory in $1,000 Ladies World Championship


Lisa Hamilton picked the right time to play her first major live poker tournament. Among a field of 1,060 players in event No. 17 ($1,000 ladies no-limit hold’em world championship) at the World Series of Poker, Hamilton was the last one standing, taking down a first-place prize of $195,390.

The 37-year-old Hawaiian didn’t have to endure a long final table, as play for the final nine lasted just under four hours. She had an easy road to victory once play became short-handed. Hamilton had over 70 percent of the chips with four players left.

Strictly a cash game player up until this WSOP, Hamilton now has a bracelet, lots of cash, and a reason to enter in some more events this summer.

Here is a look at the final results:

1. Lisa Hamilton -$195,390
2. Lori Bender – $120,575
3. Mari Lou Morelli – $78,132
4. Angel Pedroza – $53,940
5. Kimberly Cunningham – $38,719
6. Kim Rios – $29,121
7. Lisa Parsons – $22,880
8. Dawn Thomas – $18,742
9. Lisa Santy – $15,973

Here is a look at the elimination hands:

Lisa Santy Eliminated in Ninth Place ($15,973)

Lisa Santy moved all in with A-Q and was in trouble after Kim Rios moved all in over the top with pocket aces. The aces held, and Santy was the first casualty of the day.

Dawn Thomas Eliminated in Eighth Place ($18,742)

Dawn Thomas pushed all in with pocket tens and was called by the pocket kings of Lori Bender. Thomas failed to get lucky, and she was eliminated early at the final table in eighth place.

Lisa Parsons Eliminated in Seventh Place ($22,880)

In the biggest come-from-behind hand of the final table, Kim Rios made top pair with the JClub Suit 9Club Suit on a board of 9Heart Suit 7Heart Suit 3Club Suit. Unfortunately for her, she was up against the 3Spade Suit 3Diamond Suit of Lisa Parsons. The board paired on the turn with the 7Spade Suit, giving Parsons a full house, but leaving Rios with miracle outs for a superior full house. To the shock of the crowd, the river brought the 9Diamond Suit, giving Rios the better full boat and sending Parsons to the rail in heart-breaking fashion.

Kim Rios Eliminated in Sixth Place ($29,121)

Kim Rios raised from under the gun, and Lisa Hamilton called. Both players saw a flop that gave Rios top pair and Hamilton a set of fours. The money made its way into the middle on the flop, and Rios was drawing dead by the turn.

Kimberly Cunningham Eliminated in Fifth Place ($38,719)

Kimberly Cunningham pushed all in for 51,000 with pocket sixes, and she was called by the 10-7 of Angel Pedroza. Pedroza paired her 10 on the flop and sent Cunningham packing.

Angel Pedroza Eliminated in Fourth Place ($53,940)

Severely short stacked, Angel Pedroza went all in with 5-3 and was called by the A-10 of Mari Lou Morelli. Morelli paired her ace on the flop, but Pedroza flopped a pair and a gutshot. However, her outs failed to come, and she was eliminated in fourth place.

Mari Lou Morelli Eliminated in Third Place ($78,132)

Mari Lou Morelli raised preflop and was called by Lori Bender. The flop gave Morelli middle pair and Bender bottom pair. After Bender led out on the flop, Morelli shipped the last of her remaining chips into the middle. Pot-committed, Bender made the call and hit her kicker on the river to make two pair and eliminate Morelli in third place.

Lisa Hamilton Wins Event No. 17 ($195,390)

Only a few hands into the heads up match, with Lisa Hamilton starting with a 3-1 chip lead, Lori Bender reraised all in on a board of J-8-3-4 with 9-8 in the hole. Hamilton went into the tank before calling with Q-8. A brick came for Bender on the river when an ace hit the table, and Hamilton won the tournament.