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WSOP -- Jeffrey Lisandro Wins Event No. 16

Lisandro Takes Home $124,959 and His Second Gold Bracelet for the Win


Jeffrey Lisandro scored his second gold bracelet on Monday, June 8, when he won event No. 16 ($1,500 seven-card stud) at the World Series of Poker. Lisandro took home $124,959 for topping a field of 359 players. This is the second year in a row now that Lisandro has won a seven-card stud bracelet, his first WSOP victory came in a $2,000 seven-card stud event in 2008.

This time he defeated a final table that included former WSOP bracelet winners John Juanda and Rod Pardey Sr. The final table was also a family affair, with Eric Pardey joining his uncle Rod on the final day of play. Atlantic City stud specialist Nick Frangos also made an appearance at the final table.

Lisandro cruised to the win at the final table while eliminating three players on the way to victory, and his victory was never really in question. He took a 3-1 chip lead into the heads-up final and never looked back.

Here is a look at the final results:

1. Jeffrey Lisandro – $124,959
2. Rod Pardey Sr. – $77,230
3. Steven Stencil – $50,626
4. Nick Frangos – $35,087
5. John Juanda – $25,634
6. Eric Pardey – $19,690
7. Daniel Studer – $15,862
8. Mitch Schock – $13,373

Here is a look at the elimination hands from’s live updates:

Mitch SchockMitch Schock Eliminated in Eighth Place ($13,373)

Mitch Schock (X-X) 8Club Suit AHeart Suit 5Spade Suit ?(X)
Nick Frangos (X-X) 8Heart Suit 9Heart Suit 3Spade Suit QDiamond Suit (X)
John Juanda (x-X) 6Heart Suit QClub Suit 3Diamond Suit 4Club Suit (X)

Daniel Studer completed, and Nick Frangos raised. John Juanda reraised, and Mitch Schock called all in for his last 9,000.

Frangos and Juanda built up a side pot with Frangos calling all in on fifth street. Frangos showed pocket queens in the hole, and he caught another on sixth street to make trip queens. Seventh street helped no one, and Juanda mucked his cards along with the pocket tens he had in the hole.

Schock mucked, as well, and he was eliminated in eighth place.

Daniel Studer Eliminated in Seventh Place ($15,862)

John Juanda (X-X) 4Spade Suit QSpade Suit 10Club Suit 5Heart Suit (X)
Daniel Studer (X-X) 9Diamond Suit 4Heart Suit 8Heart Suit ADiamond Suit (X)
Rod Pardey (X-X) 6Heart Suit 7Club Suit KHeart Suit 3Club Suit (X)

Daniel Studer bet on fifth street, and both players called. Rod Pardey caught an ace on sixth street and bet, and then Studer called all in. Juanda called, and Pardey called his bet on seventh street.

Juanda showed 9Spade Suit 8Spade Suit 5Spade Suit in the hole for a flush, and Studer’s kings up were no good, sending him to the rail in seventh place.

Eric Pardey Eliminated in Sixth Place ($19,690)

Jeffrey Lisandro (X-X) 2Diamond Suit 6Spade Suit JHeart Suit JSpade Suit (X)
Eric Pardey (X-X) 8Diamond Suit 10Spade Suit QHeart Suit 3Spade Suit (X)

Jeffrey Lisandro brought it in with his deuce, and Eric Pardey completed. Lisandro called, and Pardey bet on fourth street.

On fifth street, Pardey moved in for his last 15,000. Lisandro called, and by the river he showed 6-3-2 in the hole for sixes up. Pardey’s pair of eights failed to make any friends, and he was eliminated in sixth place.

John JuandaJohn Juanda Eliminated in Fifth Place ($25,634)

John Juanda (X-X) QClub Suit 3Heart Suit 8Spade Suit 6Spade Suit (X)
Steven Stencil (X-X) 10Diamond Suit 7Heart Suit 2Club Suit 10Heart Suit (X)

Nick Frangos brought it in, and John Juanda completed. Steven Stencil raised, and Juanda called.

Juanda bet fifth street, and Stencil called. Juanda was all in on sixth street, and Stencil called. Juanda showed Q-8-5 for queens up, but Stencil showed 10-5-5 for a boat to eliminate him in fifth place.

Nick FrangosNick Frangos Eliminated in Fourth Place ($35,087)

Jeffrey Lisandro (X-X) QDiamond Suit AClub Suit JClub Suit 7Club Suit (X)
Nick Frangos (X-X) 4Heart Suit QHeart Suit 2Diamond Suit 9Club Suit (X)

Frangos brought it in and Lisandro raised. Frangos called, and Lisandro continued on fourth. Frangos moved in, and Lisandro called.

Lisandro showed 7-3-3 in the hole for sevens up, and Frangos showed 5-4-5 for fives up. Frangos was eliminated in fourth place.

Steven Stencil Eliminated in Third Place ($50,626)

Steven Stencil (X-X) 5Heart Suit ASpade Suit 9Club Suit JHeart Suit (X)
Rod Pardey (X-X) 3Heart Suit JSpade Suit 9Heart Suit AHeart Suit (X)

Jeffrey Lisandro brought it in with a deuce, and Steven Stencil called. Rod Pardey completed, and Stencil called. Both players checked on fourth street, and Stencil bet on fifth.

Pardey raised, and Stencil called. Stencil bet on sixth, and Pardey raised again. Stencil called all in and mucked on the river when Pardey showed KHeart Suit QHeart Suit 4Club Suit for a flush.

Jeffrey LisandroJeffrey Lisandro Wins Event No. 16 ($124,959)

Jeffrey Lisandro (X-X) 5Diamond Suit KSpade Suit 10Diamond Suit 8Diamond Suit (X)
Rod Pardey (X-X) KHeart Suit 8Spade Suit ??(X)

Jeffrey Lisandro brought it in with a 5, and Rod Pardey completed with a king. Lisandro raised, and Pardey called.

Lisandro hit a king of his own on fourth, and both players got it all in.

At the end, Lisandro turned up ADiamond Suit KDiamond Suit 6Heart Suit in the hole for the nut flush to eliminate Pardey in second place.

Lisandro wins his second gold bracelet and $124,959.