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WSOP -- Freddie Ellis Wins Event No. 6

Ellis Takes Home His First Gold Bracelet and $373,744


Freddie Ellis Wins

Freddie Ellis won his first World Series of Poker gold bracelet in the early hours of Thursday, June 4, and it comes as no surprise that his win came in the $10,000 seven-card stud world championship. Ellis has been a top-level stud player for years in cardrooms in New York City and the casinos of Atlantic City. He beat out a field of 142 players to take home the top prize worth $373,744.

It looked like Ellis was going to cruise to victory at the final table after he watched many strong competitors hit the rail. With Jeffrey Lisandro, Tim Phan, Greg Mueller, Hasan Habib, and Max Pescatori out of his way, Ellis imposed his will three-handed and held more than half the chips in play at one point. Ellis found his toughest opponent in the heads-up final against Eric Drache. The former WSOP tournament director took the chip lead back from Ellis at one point, and their chess match lasted hours into the night. Ellis eventually emerged with the win just before 3 a.m.

Here is a look at the final-table results:

1. Freddie Ellis – $373,744
2. Eric Drache – $231,014
3. Ville Wahlbeck – $152,915
4. Max Pescatori – $107,959
5. Hasan Habib – $80,969
6. Ivan Schertzer – $64,297
7. Greg Mueller – $53,886
8. Tim Phan – $47,532
9. Jeffrey Lisandro – $36,267

NOTE: It is standard practice for a seven-card stud final table to play eight-handed, but the final table was seated with nine players in this event.

Here is a look at how the elimination hands fell in’s live updates:

Jeffrey Lisandro

Jeffrey Lisandro Eliminated in Ninth Place ($36,367)

After a series of hands had him take some tough beats to bring his stack down close to nothing, Jeffrey Lisandro found himself all in against Greg Mueller and Ville Wahlbeck on fourth street. Mueller and Wahlbeck dueled all the way to seventh street, when Wahlbeck turned over two pair, kings and sixes, to win the hand. Lisandro was eliminated in ninth place, taking home $36,367.

Tim Phan Eliminated in Eighth Place ($47,532)

Tim Phan

Tim Phan found himself all in on third street with (AClub Suit 5Club Suit) 2Diamond Suit, and he could only watch while Freddie Ellis and Ivan Schertzer played on. Schertzer found himself all in by fifth street with rolled up tens (10Spade Suit 10Club Suit) 10Heart Suit. Ellis now had both of his opponents covered with (ADiamond Suit KHeart Suit) 2Spade Suit 9Heart Suit 9Diamond Suit. Ellis didn’t improved, and Scherzer was able to double up to 280,000. Phan was eliminated on the hand in eighth place, and he took home $47,532.

Greg Mueller

Greg Mueller Eliminated in Seventh Place ($53,886)

Greg Mueller was severely short-stacked when he was forced to move all in with buried deuces. Unfortunately for FBT, Hasan Habib had split kings, which held up to win the pot and eliminate Mueller in seventh place ($53,886).

Ivan Scherzer Eliminated in Sixth Place ($64,297)

Action from fourth street:

Ivan Schertzer: X-X-JHeart Suit 6Heart Suit
Eric Drache: X-X-9Heart Suit 10Club Suit

Ivan Schertzer bet 20,000, and Eric Drache made the call.

Ivan Schertzer: X-X-JHeart Suit 6Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit
Eric Drache: X-X-9Heart Suit 10Club Suit 3Diamond Suit

Schertzer bet 40,000, and Drache raised to 80,000. Schertzer called all in for 20,000, and both players flipped up their holecards. Schertzer was solid with KSpade Suit KDiamond Suit until Drache turned up ASpade Suit AClub Suit. The dealer then dealt out sixth and seventh street, and here is how the hands stood at the end:

Ivan Schertzer:(KSpade Suit KDiamond Suit) JHeart Suit 6Heart Suit 2Diamond Suit JDiamond Suit (9Club Suit)
Eric Drache: (ASpade Suit AClub Suit) 9Heart Suit 10Club Suit 3Diamond Suit 5Heart Suit (5Club Suit)

Drache won the hand with aces up to grow his stack to 600,000, while Schertzer was eliminated in sixth place ($64,207).

Hasan Habib

Hasan Habib Eliminated in Fifth Place ($80,969)

Hasan Habib: X-X-JHeart Suit
Eric Drache: X-X-10Diamond Suit

Ville Wahlbeck brought it in for 10,000, and Hasan Habib completed for 30,000. Eric Drache made the call, and Wahlbeck mucked.

Hasan Habib: X-X-JHeart Suit 4Heart Suit
Eric Drache: X-X-10Diamond Suit 8Club Suit

Habib bet 30,000, and Drache called.

Hasan Habib: X-X-JHeart Suit 4Heart Suit QDiamond Suit
Eric Drache: X-X-10Diamond Suit 8Club Suit JSpade Suit

Habib bet 60,000, and Drache called again.

Hasan Habib: X-X-JHeart Suit 4Heart Suit QDiamond Suit 5Heart Suit
Eric Drache: X-X-10Diamond Suit 8Club Suit JSpade Suit 6Heart Suit

Habib bet 60,000, and Drache raised to put Habib all in. Habib made the call, and he flipped over ADiamond Suit KSpade Suit in the hole. Drache had him beat with 10Spade Suit 6Club Suit in the hole for two pair, tens and sixes. Habib drew the KClub Suit on seventh street, and he was eliminated in fifth place ($80,969).

Max Pescatori

Max Pescatori Eliminated in Fourth Place ($107,959)

Max Pescaotri: X-X-10Heart Suit
Ville Wahlbeck: X-X-9Diamond Suit

Max Pescatori moved all in for 93,000 on third street after facing a raise from Ville Wahlbeck. Wahlbeck called him down, and they flipped up their holecards:

Max Pescaotri: (QSpade Suit JClub Suit) 10Heart Suit
Ville Wahlbeck: (QHeart Suit QClub Suit) 9Diamond Suit

Pescatori was able to make jacks and sixes on sixth street, but Wahlbeck did him one better by making queens and eights on seventh street. Pescatori was eliminated in fourth place and he took home $107,959 in prize money.

Ville Wahlbeck Eliminated in Third Place ($152,915)

Ville Wahlbeck was down to less than 200,000 when he decided to move all in with buried kings. Eric Drache made the call with buried aces. Neither players picked up any help, and Wahlbeck was eliminated in third place ($152,915).

Freddie Ellis

Freddie Ellis Wins Event No. 6 ($373,744)

Eric Drache had bet out on every single street, and Freddie Ellis called with the following boards for each player:

Drache: X-X-4Diamond Suit 10Heart Suit QSpade Suit 5Diamond Suit
Ellis: X-X-4Heart Suit 9Heart Suit 3Diamond Suit JHeart Suit

Drache decided to check on seventh street, and Ellis bet 200,000. Drache raised for his last 20,000 on top of Ellis’ bet. Ellis called and turned up 8Diamond Suit 8Heart Suit 2Heart Suit for a heart flush. Drache mucked his hand, and he was eliminated in second place ($231,014). Ellis took home the top prize of $373,744, his first gold bracelet, and the title of seven-card stud world champion.