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A List of All of the New Videos Added for Card Player Pro Members


Each week, members of Card Player Pro (powered by PokerSavvy Plus) have exclusive access to five new poker training videos made by top online pros. If you are serious about improving your game, there is no better way to learn than by seeing firsthand how the pros play and think. Here are the latest additions to our poker coaching library:

Heads Up Poker:

Evan “Fisherman” Roberts – $600 No Limit Texas Hold’em

Poker pro Evan Roberts reviews the heads-up no-limit hold’em play of a Card Player Pro member. Evan discusses advanced heads-up strategy and gives advice for beating today’s aggressive online games. He discusses the importance of check-raising, both for value and as a bluff, and how to avoid going on tilt when getting outdrawn. He also discusses strategy adjustments players should make when playing deep-stacked poker as each player’s stack begin to exceed $1,000!

Tournament Poker:

Mike “SirWatts” Watson – $109 – $215 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments

Poker pro Mike Watson plays four consecutive high-stakes online tournaments. Mike discusses his play in each tournament and shows plays how to navigate with a variety of different chip stacks. From big-stacking to short-stacking, Mike gives players an in-depth look at the best method for reaching the final table. With paydays of more than $25,000 within reach, see how far Mike can go!

Andrew “AChen” Chen – $109 – $169 No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournaments

Poker pro Andrew Achen plays two multi-table tournaments online. Andrew teaches players how to use their big stack to steal chips away from weaker players and how best to apply pressure and build your stack. Andrew runs an in-depth analysis of his final-table play and fights his way down to heads up! With $22,000 on the line, can Andrew pull out the big win? Listen in for Andrew’s approach to heads-up tournament poker.

Cash Games:

Andrew “Foucault” Brokos – $400 No Limit Texas Hold’em

Poker pro Andrew Brokos plays six tables of $400 buy-in no-limit Texas hold’em online. Andrew discusses his approach to beating tough online games as he finds himself playing against the same opponents on several tables. Andrew teaches plays how to effectively use continuation-betting to pick up uncontested pots, and how to spot a bluff from a weak player. With many tables running, Andrew maneuvers himself into many sticky spots, and plays several pots for $1,500-plus!

Andrew “Ama0330” Arnott – $100 No Limit Texas Hold’em

Poker pro Andrew Arnott does a unique hand-history review and teaches players how to bluff effectively in small-stakes games online. Andrew reviews a variety of bluffs he has run at $100 no-limit online and explains his thought process for why he chose to bluff and why it was successful. He also reviews several hands wherein he catches his opponent bluffing and explains why their bluffs failed.

Jeremy “OldSchool” Steinhausen – $100 No Limit Texas Hold’em

New poker pro Jeremy Steinhausen plays four tables of full-ring poker cash games online. Jeremy teaches players how best to play in nine- and 10-handed games, and provides a winning strategy that all new players can pick up. Jeremy follows up his play with recaps of several key hands, wherein he walks you through his thought process in several important spots. He then asks the viewers how they would have played the hand. Did your play agree with the pro?

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