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European Poker Tour San Remo Day 4 Update

Final Table Set for Largest European EPT Event Ever


Day 4 of the European Poker Tour San Remo saw 32 players take to the felt pushing for the €1.5 million top prize. By the end of play we had our final eight. Those knocked out along the way were:

9: Pierre Neuville, Belgium, €78,800

10: Gianni Giaroni, Italy, €78,800

11: Giuseppe Argento, Italy, €45,700

12: Sami Kelopuro, Finland, €45,700

13: Rasmus Akerblom, Sweden, €35,400

14: Pietro Sibione, Germany, €35,400

15: Katalin Jerney, Hungary, €30,850

16: Stefan Raffay, Denmark, €30,850

17: Steven Silverman, United States, €26,300

18: Julien Legros, France, €26,300

19: David Eldar, Australia, €26,300

20: Massimiliano Trifoglio, Italy, €26,300

21: Dennis Bejedal, Sweden, €26,300

22  Malte Strothmann, Germany,  €26,300

23: Doron Tourgman, Germany, €26,300

24: Luigi Abiusi, Italy, €26,300

25: Pietro Capriotti, Italy, €21,700

26: Sebastien Bidenger, France, €21,700

27: Vedat Akdemir, Holland, €21,700

28: Eduardo Burgio, Italy, €21,700

29: Ben Kang, Germany,  €21,700

30: Matias Knaapinen, Finland, €21,700

31: Bulent Karsli, Germany, €21,700

32: Fabio Mazzarello, Italy, €21,700

The remaining players are:

  1. Dragan Galic: 3,098,000
  2. Gustav Sundell: 2,625,000
  3. William Reynolds: 2,531,000
  4. Constant Rijkenberg: 932,000
  5. Alexander Fitzgerald: 721,000
  6. Danilo D’Ettoris: 686,000
  7. Kalle Niem: 641,000
  8. Ovidiu Balaj: 625,000

Here’s how some of the action went down from’s live updates yesterday:

Benjamin Kang Eliminated in 29th Place (€21,700)

Benjamin Kang (pictured right) was all in on the button for 236,000, and it was about 197,000 for Danilo D’Ettoris to call. Benjamin Kang"What’s the difference?" D’Ettoris asked the dealer and then called after a minute. He showed Q Q, and Kang flipped over 9 9.

The board brought an interesting 10 8 7 for a straight draw for Kang. "One time!" he laughed. The turn and the river only offered a couple of threes — 3 and 3 — and EPT San Remo lost its last familiar, friendly face.

David Eldar Eliminated in 19th Place (€26,300)

Australian David Eldar was a mid-session victim on day 4. All in with A-K on a flop of 8-7-2. Dragan Galic quickly called, his A-7 having hit a 7, and he stayed ahead throughout the 10 turn and 4 river.

Eldar played extremely well and went home with €26,300 for 19th place.


Katalin Jerney Eliminated in 15th Place (€30,850)

Katalin Jerney was all in for 350,000. There were two more players to act. William Reynolds reraised all in and got rid of the third player, Kalle Niem. Reynolds flipped over 6 6, and Jerney showed A 8.

The board fell Q 7 4, but it wasn’t going to go Jerney’s way this time, either, as Reynold pulled further ahead with the 6 turn and Q river. His full house put the last female out of the event, but she remained happy and was delighted with her finish. It was a good example of how to end four days of hard work at the felt.


Pierre Neuville Eliminated in Ninth Place (€78,800)

Pierre Neuville was the final-table bubble boy. All in with K 10, Gustav Sundell was the one to take him out with pocket queens.

Be sure to check out the live stream as today’s final table plays out and will be updating you regularly with all the action.