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This Week's Free Poker Video Clip Features Tony 'Bond18' Dunst

Poker Coach Video Analyzes User-Submitted Hand History


Tony 'Bond18' DunstTony “Bond18” Dunst is the host of this week's free poker video training clip from Card Player Pro (powered by PokerSavvy Plus). In this video, Dunst goes over a user-submitted hand history and analyzes the pots the user got involved in. This video, as well as three additional free clips by other instructors, is currently available on the Card Player Pro preview page.

In the video, Dunst discusses how to play small pocket pairs with deep stacks, and why you should never open-limp from early position (and yes, he's comfortable making that a blanket-statement). He also talks about why he thinks the player mis-played pocket kings on the turn and river in a big hand (even though the result was optimal).

That entire video can be viewed by members of Card Player Pro, as well as the full video catalog from PokerSavvy Plus. A seven-day trial membership is also available and gives full access to the videos and the site’s other features.

Card Player Pro PokerSavvy Plus Free Trial

The Card Player Pro/PokerSavvy Plus team of pros includes Justin “WPTHero” Rollo, Dani “ansky” Stern, Andrew “Foucault” Brokos, Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts, and Chris “tribefan9” Rhodes.

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