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European Poker Tour Prague Day 2 Update

Thirty-Two Remain as Big Names Crash Out And Final Table Approaches


Day 2 at the European Poker Tour Prague saw 177 players take to the felt in the €5,000 + €250 main event at the Hilton Hotel Casino in the Czech Republic. Players busted at a dizzying pace through the day and the tournament breezed through the bubble at 56 players and motored along until just 32 were left.

Frenchman Antony Lellouche was one of the early casualties of day 2. Admittedly, day 2 either makes him or breaks him. Today was not his lucky day. He spoke about his day 2 curse in a recent interview at the Polish Open and Prague proved no different.

Noah Boeken was another early bust out of note. Players with chips have such a wide range at tthis stage that the smaller stacks like Boeken were finding it hard to cope. Chris Moorman also took an early bath.

Some of the chip leaders going into the day took a pummeling from early in play including overnight leader Christer Christer JohanssonJohansson. He dropped from almost 108,000 in chips to 50,000 in the first couple of levels of the day then was moved to a table full of monstrous stacks and found himself in the middle of all the action but with disastrous consequences.

Shander De Vries raised in the small blind and Johansson shoved all-in for 31,000. De Vries tanked and finally decided to call with A-J. Johansson revealed A-7. The board bricked and Johansson fell completely off his earlier pedestal.

Mid–session busts included Steven “Allinstevie” Devlin, Marcel Baran, and Voitto Rintala. Roberto Romanello called Salvatore Bonavena's all in with pocket kings. Bonavena had a nice pair himself, pocket queens, but Bonavena said buonanotte (goodnight).

The unlucky bubble boy was Erich Kollman from Austria who ran A-Q into Rifat Palevic's K-K and despite a queen on fourth street he was sent packing, no doubt cursing his luck.

Players were in the money then and the pay payouts were:

49: Marcin Jan Jedruch, Poland -- €7,000
50: Andreas Eiler, Germany -- €7,000
51: Atilla Pohler, Hungary -- €7,000
52: Henri Kettuen, Finland -- €7,000
53: Henrik Ludstrom, Sweden -- €7,000
54: Jeff Sarwer, Finland -- €7,000
55: Oscar Silow, Sweden -- €7,000
56: Paulo Grossi, Italy -- €7,000

Finn Juha Helppi busted out in 48th place with a payday to the tune of €8,300 while Dario Minieri was eliminated in 47th Place (€8,300). All-in for his tournament life preflop with Q-Q against Raul Mestre's A-Q, Dario Minieri lost out to an ace on the flop and hit the rail.

43rd: Johnny Lodden -- €8,300
45th: Riccardo Lacchinelli -- €8,300
46th: Roberto Romanello -- €8,300

Second in chips Ludovic LacayLudovic Lacay knocked Johnny Lodden out with pocket nines versus  A-K. The board was of no use to Lodden and the nines held up. Lodden had made a slight comeback, doubling up late for the umpteenth time during the session, but it proved too little too late.

The next player to go was Petter Petterson from Sweden in 42nd place (€8,300). Alessio Isaia hit the rail shortly after him in 41st for the same amount.

33: Yury Kerzhapkin -- €9,700
34: Martial Blangenwitsch, France -- €9,700
36: Steve Van Zadelhoff -- €9,700
37 - Juan Manuel Pastor: €9,700
38 - Peter A Hedlund: €9,700
39 - Pavel Blatny: €9,700
40 - Tome Moreira: €9,700

Swedish pro Stefan Mattsson took home the same amount for 35th place after pushing all in with pocket twos which were rivered by Brian Jensen's ace, which paired his A-5.

 The top ten in chips going into the penultimate day of play are:

  1. Fredrik Nygard (Finland) -- 609,500
  2. Ludovic Lacay (France) -- 513,000
  3. Rifat Palevic (Sweden) -- 368,000
  4. Alexiou Konstantinos (Greece) -- 267,000
  5. Juan Maceiras (Spain) 266,500
  6. Dan Pedersen (Denmark) -- 260,000
  7. Jonathan Duhamel (Canada) -- 253,500
  8. Manuel Bevand (France) -- 248,500
  9. Raul Mestre (Spain) -- 247,000
  10. Daniel Drescher (Germany) 224,000

Join us back here today all the bust outs, double ups, and bluffs at this season's European Poker Tour Prague in the Hilton Hotel and Casino.