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Department of Justice Counterfiles Brief Against iMEGA

Brief Labels iMEGA as Trade Association, Attacks 'Unconstitutional' Charge Against UIGEA


iMEGAThe U.S. Department of Justice recently counterfiled a brief in its case versus iMEGA (the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association). The 24-page filing lays out several matters in the Department’s defense of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA).

One of the matters addressed in the brief was iMEGA’s argument that the UIGEA is vague, and thus unconstitutional. The Department contends that this issue was not raised in iMEGA’s initial court case, and thus cannot be considered in this appeal. While iMEGA’s initial case was dismissed, the association filed this appeal in September 2008 after being granted legal standing to do so.

That legal standing, however, is also being contended by the Department of Justice. The Department said through its brief that iMEGA is a “trade association representing online gambling businesses,” and thus cannot defend individual gamblers.

However, iMEGA Chairman Joe Brennan Jr., remained optimistic.

“We’re very confident today, after reviewing the government’s brief, that we are on track for having this law overturned,” Brennan said. “We’re looking forward to the opportunity, once this fatally flawed law has been dealt with, to work toward a reasonable, common sense approach by our country to Internet gaming, one that above all affirms our rights and their place in the online world.”

The association has 15 days from when the brief was filed on Oct. 29 to submit its own brief responding to the government document. After that, a three-judge panel will be selected to determine when to hear oral arguments.

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14 years ago

Why does the US Government waste time and money on BULLSHIT like this? Maybe because it's not their money?