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Online Poker -- METZMAGNY Wins Poker Stars Sunday Million

Sistabossen Lands Win at Full Tilt


PokerStars Sunday Million

Keven 'Stammdogg' StammenLast night’s PokerStars Sunday Million surged past its $1.5 million guarantee last night for the first time since Aug. 24 (which meant that there were six events in a row that required overlays). The tournament lured 7,836 entrants last night for a prize pool of $1,567,200.

After Keven “Stammdogg” Stammen (pictured at right) hit the rail in fifth place, the final four players — jiacstrap, METZMAGNY, h20ace, and idgii, with stacks in that order — decided to discuss a deal. The players ultimately decided on the following guaranteed paydays with $30,000 left on the line for the winner: jiacstrap, $122,068; METZMAGNY, $147,822; h20ace, $105,772; idgii, $104,842. Jiacstrap eventually lost his chip lead and was the first of the four to get knocked out, and the heads-up match came down to METZMAGNY and ldgii. METZMAGNY entered the match with a more than 2-1 chip advantage, and he used it to close out the tournament, landing him the extra $30,000, which put his total winnings at $147,822.

The final results were:

  1. METZMAGNY — $147,822*
  2. ldgii — $104,842*
  3. h2oace — $105,772*
  4. Dan “jiacstrap” Jiacopello — $122,068*
  5. Keven “Stammdogg” Stammen — $55,636
  6. Derek “dray313” Raymond — $39,964
  7. Papatri — $27,426
  8. Daryl “aaaaaaaa” Jace — $18,023
  9. tickkid — $10,970

* Payout reflects a four-way deal made at the final table with $30,000 left on the line for the winner.

Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee

The Full Tilt $750,000-guaranteed event didn’t fare as well as the Sunday Million, as it still required an overlay last night. The event had 3,637 entrants, making for a prize pool of $727,400, meaning it required an overlay of $22,600. Still, this was the best attendance the event has had since Sept. 14.

The two final players in line for the six-figure top prize were sistabossen and KenRetaard. Sistabossen ultimately raked in the final pot of the tournament to eliminate her foe and pocket the $133,000 first-place prize. KenRetaard snagged $80,000 for second place.

The final results were:

  1. sistabossen — $132,788
  2. KenRetaard — $80,250
  3. HojoMofo — $52,500
  4. Don “Tokenizer” Eagen — $41,400
  5. Wesley “snoringbeagl” Whybrew — $31,050
  6. choba5 — $23,025
  7. KpKelly — $17,250
  8. listerx — $13,500
  9. bestdayever — $10,050

UltimateBet $200,000 Guarantee

Gary 'GB2005' BogdanskiUltimateBet had 856 entrants in its $200,000-guaranteed tournament last night. That amounted to the most entrants the event has had since Aug. 17, but the tournament still required an overlay, which equated to $28,800 (more than the second-place payday).

The final two players in the event were Mr Perfekt and Skarfacesky, and they were playing for a pay difference of $18,000. Skarfacesky ended up collecting that difference when he landed the final blow, taking out Mr Perfekt to earn $45,000.

The final results were:

  1. Skarfacesky — $45,000
  2. Mr Perfekt — $27,000
  3. airman111 — $18,500
  4. OMGmissclick — $13,000
  5. Wu_Wizard — $11,000
  6. RAMBODRUM — $9,000
  7. Gary “GB2005” Bogdanski — $7,000
  8. slice35 — $5,000
  9. wubanga101 — $3,500
  10. palleca5 — $2,000

Bodog $100,000 Guarantee

Bodog’s $100,000-guaranteed event had 750 entrants last night, breaking the event’s sub-700-attendance streak for the first time since Aug. 3. Nevertheless, Bodog pumped the prize pool with $25,000 to match its guarantee, a full quarter of the prize pool and more than the first-place prize.

The battle for who would be the recipient of that overlayed first-place payday was between Cohiba Siglo and rathrbboatn. There was a $10,000 pay difference between first and second place, and rathrbboatn wound up pocketing that extra 10 grand when he outlasted his final opponent, earning $23,600.

The final results were:

  1. rathrbboatn — $23,600
  2. Cohiba Siglo — $13,600
  3. Nels316 — $9,100
  4. danceforcash — $7,000
  5. Homer_Jay — $5,700
  6. skeptix — $4,500
  7. Andix81 — $3,300
  8. Macbeth_ — $2,200
  9. cusee — $1,300

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