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Online Poker -- doulas12 Wins Poker Stars Sunday Million

Leandro Brasa Wins at Full Tilt


PokerStars Sunday Million

All four major events has overlays again this weekend, and the top of the prize-pool heap was still the PokerStars Sunday Million. The event had 7,446 entrants, just 54 shy of not requiring an overlay. The site had to pump a paltry $10,800 into the prize pool to match the $1.5 million guarantee. Considering the site took in almost $112,000 in entry fees, it is doubtful that those at PokerStars minded.

When it came down to the final four players in the event, a deal was struck based on chip counts that left $30,000 for the eventual winner. Here are the final four (and what they were guaranteed as a result of the deal): anetas1 ($125,824), joncheng ($106,024), Crackpfeife ($105,123), and doulas12 ($95,478). In a surprising turn of events, joncheng was the first to hit the rail, despite having a second-place-worthy stack in time for the deal. Even more surprising was when anetas1, far and away the chip leader when the deal was struck, followed joncheng out the door in third. It was then down to the two players who had held the shortest stacks when the deal was made: doulas12 and Chackpfeife. Doulas12 wrote the ending to a true underdog story when he sealed the deal versus Crackpfeife to take down the tournament and the extra $30,000, putting his total winnings at $125,478. That payday technically made him the second-leading money winner in the event, after anetas1.

The final results were:

  1. doulas12 — $125,478*
  2. Crackpfeife — $105,123*
  3. anetas1 — $125,824*
  4. joncheng — $106,024*
  5. rimmer27 — $54,000
  6. DragonBenoni — $39,000
  7. slumpee — $26,250
  8. petit ponche — $17,250
  9. xannax20 — $10,500

* Payout reflects a deal made at the final table with $30,000 set aside for the eventual winner.

Full Tilt $1 Million Guarantee

Shane 'HateItOrLoveIt' SchlegerThe Full Tilt monthly $1 million-guaranteed event took place last night and lured 1,943 entrants at $500 apiece. That left Full Tilt needing to fork over $11,400 to match the tournament’s guarantee.

Somewhat atypically, the event’s final table featured quite a bit of talent (see the final results below). Ultimately, it came down to Caio Cesar “I CaioPimenta I” Pimenta versus Leandro Brasa for the $184,000 top prize. The loser of the heads-up match would find $71,000 less in his Full Tilt account, so there was plenty on the line in the final match. Leandro Brasa eventually felled his final foe to snag the huge first-place payday, the biggest payout of the weekend (as a result of the deal at the PokerStars Sunday Million final table).

Yevginey 'bballer88' TimoshenkoThe final results were:

  1. Leandro Brasa — $184,000
  2. Caio Cesar “I CaioPimenta I” Pimenta — $113,000
  3. DeMaci — $74,000
  4. Shane “HateItOrLoveIt” Schleger (pictured above) — $59,000
  5. Yevgeniy “bballer88” Timoshenko (pictured right)— $45,000
  6. Pippi78 — $32,200
  7. Spuch — $23,500
  8. DeuceBuster — $18,500
  9. ninivan — $14,000

Also, keep in mind that the official dates have been set for November’s Full Tilt Online Poker Series X.

UltimateBet $200,000 Guarantee

The UltimateBet $200,000-guaranteed event had 843 entrants last night, meaning that the site had to put $31,400 into the prize pool to meet the guarantee. That was slightly better than the 831 entrants the event had for both of the past two weeks.

Gregoir and SetTrippin247 went head to head for the top prize in the event. Gregoir faltered and hit the virtual rail as runner-up, earning $27,000, and SetTrippin247 pocketed the $45,000 first-place payday.

The final results were:

  1. SetTrippin247 — $45,000
  2. gregoir — $27,000
  3. ISSUR4CER — $18,500
  4. blu plastic — $13,000
  5. Shadow5_ — $11,000
  6. Christian “Deckzor” Fokenberg — $9,000
  7. Ricky B — $7,000
  8. ryz3 — $5,000
  9. odiggitydog — $3,500
  10. FILEN — $2,000

Bodog $100,000 Guarantee

Attendance in the Bodog $100,000-guaranteed event was also up slightly last night when 639 entrants bought in (compared to the 621 of last weekend). Of course, that didn’t save Bodog from having to put up an overlay, this time for $36,100, which was barely less than the first- and second-place prizes combined.

Aviv faced off with hiccup for the $23,600 first-place prize in the event, which was $10,000 more than the runner-up would get. With that 10 grand on the line, aviv relieved his opponent of the last of his chips when he took down the final pot to win the event.

The final results were:

  1. aviv — $23,600
  2. hiccup — $13,600
  3. Lucas “BeaverFever” Rifkin — $9,100
  4. Jocke “TheBratKid” Treijs — $7,000
  5. Yanni — $5,700
  6. Higgy1020 — $4,500
  7. cusee — $3,300
  8. markit8dude — $2,200
  9. rated23 — $1,300

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