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World Series Of Poker Europe Update: Day 3

One Winner Emerges as Another Event Begins On Day 3


With the larger end of the £615,000 prize pool to play for, the heat was on in central London yesterday. Nine players remained from an original field of 410 in the £1,500 no-limit hold'em event, but only one could take the top prize of ₤144,218, and the object of every player’s fantasy — a World Series Of Poker bracelet.

Daniel Nutt’s dreams flew out the window early in the day after pushing all in following a raise from Yevgeniy Timoshenko. Timoshenko’s pocket nines withstood Nutt’s KQ when the board came out A81047.

After the first break, flops were sparse as short stacks sought double-ups and large stacks bullied. Linda Lee, sitting on 40,000 chips, woke up to K5 and decided to make her move. Fuad Serhan, took a shot and called with Q9. A crushing flop of AQ3 fell for Lee, the 5 turn was too little too late, and the 10 river made no difference.

Brit Neil Channing’s stack was getting pretty used to being pushed into the centreNeil Channing with no results, when eventually Fuad Serhan decided to call.

Channing: AK
Serhan: QQ

Board: 108J33

Despite a few outs on the flop, the turn and the river left a gaping hole in Channing's chip stack.

Channing was all-in again soon after with a similar hand, AK, but this time with totally different results. Up against Adam Junglen’s AQ, the board fell 10102J3 doubling Channing up to more than 400,000, and giving Junglen a near-death experience.

Junglen then moved all in for 74,000 after a raise from John Dwyer of 60,000. Dwyer called.

Junglen: A5
Dwyer: 55

Junglen looked comfortable on a flop of AK3, but the final 5 fell on the turn, and the 10 river sent the young poker whizz to the rail in sixth place. After some astounding play over the past four days, Junglen took home £28,598 for his efforts.

Next it was John Dwyer’s time to make the all-in move, and he did so against Timoshenko, who called from the big blind. Dwyer’s pocket fives were dominated by Timoshenko’s pocket kings, but who knows what can happen in this game. There were no miracles however, and the Irishman was sent packing in fifth place, collecting £36,285 on his way out.

Jesper HougaardNeil Channing finally announced all-in for the last time, in response to Jesper Hougaard’s all-in on the small blind. Channing held pocket eights and Hougaard held A6. The flop fell JJ10 and Channing’s eights were in the lead. However, the 10 on the turn and 5 on the river changed everything, and Neil “Bad Beat” Channing became the next fatality. He can be comforted by the £44,588 he picked up for his fourth place finish.

Danish tornado Jesper Hougaard, despite starting the day off eighth in chips, managed to climb his way back up the ladder again to push Timoshenko out in third place, and face Fuad Serhan head-on for the top spot.

The final hand of the event came after Serhan raised to 120,000 on the button, Hougaard shoved all in, and Serhan called. Serhan had a monstrous hand in the form of AK, but it was not to be as Hougaard flopped the nut flush with AJ and became the well-deserved champion. He is now the first person to win one bracelet in Vegas and one in London during the same World Series. He takes home £144,218, and another WSOP bracelet to add to his collection. Fuad Serhan collected £89,175 for his admirable runner-up finish.

While the atmosphere intensified with the remaining stages of the first event’s final table, the second, the £2,500 H.O.R.S.E. was well underway. A who’s who of the poker world hit the floor of the Empire Casino once again for round two of the World Series Of Poker Europe, presented by Betfair.

One of the earlier casualties was Chad Brown. His demise came during a three-way hand. Brown went all in on the flop after a bet from Jean-Robert Bellande and a call from Robert Williamson III. Both players saw it through to the turn and river. Brown’s hand was not good enough and Williamson III and Bellande chopped the pot. Irishman Andy Black was sent out soon after him at the hands of Austrian Ivo Donev during a round of stud.

After dinner, desert came in the form of a healthy dollop of eliminations. Some of those forced to eat humble pie were Jens Voertmann, Barny Boatman, David Benyamine, Mickey Wernick, Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott, Alessio Isaia, Mike McDonald, Chris Ferguson, and Peter Gould.

With 68 players left, this year’s WSOPE’s longest day finally came to an end with two Phils sitting on top of monster chip stacks. Phil Ivey is current chip leader with 59,200, but Phil Hellmuth is hot on his heels with 54,200.

More to come from this event tomorrow, so check back with for all your WSOPE updates.