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Venetian Announces Fourth Deep Stack Extravaganza for 2008

The Next Series Takes Place Nov. 1-25


Due to popular demand, the Venetian poker room in Las Vegas has announced a fourth installment of its Deep Stack Extravaganza (DSE) for 2008. A whole new series will take place Nov. 1-25.

The Venetian introduced its DSE series last year, and it has proved to be so popular that competing casinos throughout Las Vegas have introduced their own versions of the deep-stack tournies.

This edition of the DES will consist of 25 no-limit hold’em events with buy-ins of $330, $540, and $1,060, with the championship event having a buy-in of $2,500.

Starting chip counts for the $330 events are 10,000, while the $540 and $1,060 events begin with 12,500 in chips. Players start with 15,000 in chips in the championship event. Additional chips will be available with the purchase of an optional staff bonus in all the events.

“We are thrilled with the amount of excitement our Deep Stack Extravaganza series creates on the casino floor and throughout the poker community,” said Kathy Raymond, Venetian’s director of poker operations. “The quality and experience of our staff, along with the high starting chip counts and structure of the tournaments, continues to draw players with different skill levels and from all over the world.”

Daily satellites will be held around the clock during the DSE, giving players a chance to get into the events for much less than the asking price. The DSE has proven to be so popular that players often play for prizes normally associated with much larger buy-in tournaments.

For example, during this summer’s DSE, which took place at the same time as the World Series of Poker, players were often playing for more than a hundred times their buy-ins, making the DSE one of the most worthwhile tournaments for players of all skill levels to play in. One deep run in an event would be worth thousands and thousands of dollars.

Registration for each event begins at 9 p.m. the day prior to the event, and tournament play begins at 12 p.m. For more information, call he Venetian poker room at 702-414-7657.