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WPT: Day 1B of the Bellagio Cup

Second Starting Day Attracts More Participants


The second of three starting days for the Bellagio Cup IV was much like the first, except it attracted about 30 percent more participants. The increase in players was a nice boost for the prize pool, which was threatening to be lower than last year's Cup, despite an increase to $15,000 in the buy-in. The 134 players who made up Day 1B brought the total number of entrants to 237. At the conclusion of the day, an additional 86 in satellite winners and early registrants were added to the tournament clock, meaninig that the field would be guaranteed to be at least 323 players, with a large number of registrations expected for the final day.

In yesterday's flight, two tables were quickly eliminated as the action opened up relatively early. In today's field, it took all of four levels for the first two tables to break, and when it was all over, just under 100 players had survived for Monday's field combination.

Here's how the action went down, according to Card Player's live updates page.

Isaac Baron Isaac "westmenloAA" Baron Makes His U.S. Debut

Two days ago on July 10th, Isaac Baron turned 21, allowing him to take his game from overseas and online to the card rooms in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlantic City. After taking a day off to recover from excessive celebrating, Baron chose Day 1B for his U.S. debut and was given a terrible table draw as a birthday present.

Table 57

1. Andy Bloch
2. Burt Boutin
3. Chad "lilholdem954" Batista
4. Vadim Trincher
5. Thay3r Rasmussen
6. John Juanda
7. Uknown
8. Eric "Basebaldy" Baldwin
9. Isaac "WestmenloAA" Baron

Baron struggled for most of the day and finished on the short stack.


Noah SchwartzNoah Schwartz Takes An Early Lead

Noah Schwartz came over to talk about the Florida Marlins victory last night over the Los Angeles Dodgers, and he also happened to mention a big pot he won early on in the first level.

Schwartz held pocket kings on an eight high flop of all hearts. Schwartz bet 675 and his opponent decided to call. The turn paired the board and Schwartz bet 1,675. His opponent tried to raise less than the minimum to 3,000 and Schwartz called once the floor made their customary ruling. The river was a king and his opponent bet 7,500. Schwartz raised to 20,000 and was called by the flopped nut flush.

Schwartz went runner runner, but his opponent let him get there and now he sits with just under 70,000 in chips, good for the chip lead after the first level. Unfortunately, Schwartz couldn't survive the day and was eliminated midway through the last level.



Chad BatistaThay3r Plays A Little Hold'em....954

Sitting with a gutshot draw to the wheel along with a flush draw, Thayer Rasmussen called the all in of Chad Batista who held a set of deuces. The river gave Rasmussen his flush and a big stack of about 74,000 in chips.

Of course, Batista was quickly replaced by WSOP heads up finalist Alec "traheho" Torelli, keeping the toughest table in the room's reputation intact.



Hevad KhanHevad Khan Makes It Rain On Mark Teltscher

We picked up the action on the turn, with a board reading KQJ10. Hevad Khan bets and Mark Teltscher thinks for a long while before making the call.

The river is the 2 and Khan splashes in a bet of just under 15,000. Teltscher responds at the weird bet by saying, "I just don't believe you."

After deliberating for another couple of minutes, Teltscher throws in his chips and sees the bad news. Khan rolls over 98 for the straight flush, and Teltscher says, "Oh, is that all? Nice bet on the river." Khan thanks him and quietly stacks his chips up to around the 55,000 mark. Teltscher is left looking at the void of chips in front of him.

Other notables to vault themselves up the leaderboard included Shawn Buchanan, Freddy Deeb, Daniel Alaei, Bryn Kenney and Jennifer Tilly.

Day 1C will begin tomorrow at noon. Keep it locked on as we bring you all the updates on the action live from the tournament floor.