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WSOP: Rob Hollink Wins Event No. 30

Hollink Captures the World Championship of Limit Hold'em with a Consistent Final-Table Performance


Rob Hollink came into the final table of the $10,000 limit hold'em world championship second in chips. He rarely dipped below the top three on the leader board during the entire day, and he emerged with his first bracelet thanks to solid, consistent play against some of the best players in the game. Hollink had a large contingent of Dutch supporters who rallied around him during the entire final table, and he rewarded them as well as all of his countrymen by winning the first gold bracelet for the Netherlands.

Here were the chip stacks at the start of play:

Seat 1: Andy Bloch -- 370,000
Seat 2: Rob Hollink -- 893,000
Seat 3: Tommy Hang -- 578,000
Seat 4: Cy Jassinowsky -- 231,000
Seat 5: Jerrod Ankenman -- 441,000
Seat 6: Chris Vitch -- 201,000
Seat 7: Brock Parker -- 166,000
Seat 8: J.C. Tran -- 247,000
Seat 9: Aaron Katz -- 1,232,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in’s live coverage of the final table:

Chris Vitch Eliminated in Ninth Place ($51,230)

A short-stacked Chris Vitch moved all in for 22,000 and Aaron Katz made the call.

Vitch: Q 9
Katz: 8 3
Board: K 7 4 2 8

Vitch got it in with the best hand and held the lead going to the river, but Katz spiked an eight, closing the lights for Vitch who was eliminated in ninth place ($51,230).

Jerrod Ankenman Triples Up

Rob Hollink raised and Cy Jassinowsky reraised. Jerrod Ankenman reraised all in, and Hollink tanked for a few minutes before completing Ankenman's all in and then capping the bet. Jassinowsky went into the tank himself, he eventually called. The flop came A K 3, and Hollink bet, Jassinowsky folded.

Ankenman: Q Q
Hollink: 10 10

Ankenman was in a good spot with queens against tens and the turn and river brought the 9 and the 8, giving Ankenman the check mark and allowing him to triple up.

Cy Jassinowsky Eliminated in Eighth Place ($66,599)

Andy Bloch raised from the button and Rob Hollink reraised from the small blind. Tommy Hang made it four bets and Cy Jassinowsky called all in. Bloch folded while Hollink made the call. The flop came K 9 6, and Hang bet. Hollink folded. Hang and Jassinowsky turned over their cards.

Jassinowsky: A-2
Hollink: Q-Q

The turn and river brought the 5 and the 7, no help to Jassinowsky who was eliminated in eighth place ($66,599).

Andy BlochAndy Bloch Eliminated in Seventh Place ($81,968)

Andy Bloch raised all in for 50,000 before the flop and Rob Hollink called.

Bloch: J 3
Hollink: 9 8

Board: A 10 2 7 8

Bloch led the hand going to the river, where Hollink spiked an eight and paired up. Bloch was eliminated in seventh place ($81,968)

Brock Parker Eliminated in Sixth Place ($102,460)

Brock Parker moved all in preflop for three bets when action got to him and Jerrod Ankenman made the call. Their cards:

Parker: Q 8
Ankenman: A 9

Board: 10 5 5 7 4

Parker was eliminated in sixth place, and he took home $102,460 in prize money.

J.C. TranJ.C. Tran Eliminated in Fifth Place ($128,075)

On a flop of Q 7 3 Rob Hollink bet and J.C. Tran made the call. The K fell on the turn and Hollink opened the action for a bet. Tran raised all in and Hollink called him down. The K fell on the river and Hollink flipped over the J for a flush. Tran mucked his cards and he was eliminated in fifth place, taking home $128,075 in prize money.

Aaron Katz Eliminated in Fourth Place ($158,813)

Jerrod Ankenman raised preflop and Aaron Katz made an all-in call. Hollink also made the call and the two live players checked down a board of A 10 4 5 J. Ankenman flipped over a queen on the end, which was enough to take down the pot against his opponents' meager holdings. Katz was eliminated in fourth place, and he took home $158,813 in prize money.

Tommy Hang Doubles Up

Ankenman raised preflop and Tommy Hang reraised. Ankenman made the call and the flop was dealt A 9 3. Hang bet and Ankenman called. The turn brought the 6 and Hang check-raised Ankenman's bet. Ankenman reraised and Hang made the all-in call. Hang held A-9 to dominate Ankenman's A-3 and the river brought the 4. Hang doubled up to survive the hand.

Tommy Hang Tommy Hang Doubles Up Again

Tommy Hang and Rob Hollink capped the preflop betting round before the first three cards were dealt J 10 5. Hang raised Hollink's initial bet on the flop to move all in and Hollink made the call. Hollink held pocket twos, while Hang held A K. The turn was the Q, which gave Hang a straight to survive.

Tommy Hang Eliminated in Third Place ($194,674)

Rob Hollink raised preflop and Tommy Hang made the all-in call. Their cards:

Hang: 9 8
Hollink: K Q

Board: 8 7 3 Q J

Hang was eliminated in third place, and he took home $194,674 in prize money.

Rob Hollink Wins Event No. 30 ($496,931)

Rob Hollink

Jerrod Ankenman raised and Rob Hollink reraised preflop. Ankenman made the all-in call and they turned up their hands:

Hollink: A 5
Ankenman: 10 7

Board: A 5 4 3 Q

Hollink won the hand with aces up and he is the champion of the $10,000 limit hold'em world championship. He was awarded $496,931 and his first gold bracelet. Ankenman was awarded $307,380 for the runner-up finish.