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WSOP: Thang Luu Wins Event No. 6

Scott Clements Fails to Win Third Omaha Bracelet


Thang LuuAs the focus of the Amazon Room shifted to the $1,000 no-limit hold'em rebuy final table, a small crowd gathered mid-afternoon to witness the final nine players of the $1,500 Omaha eight-or-better event battle for the bracelet in event No. 6. The focus of the rail centered mostly on Scott Clements, who was vying for his third Omaha bracelet in as many years, but after a quick exit, day 2 chip leader Thang Luu emerged from the pack to take the title, $243,356, and, most importantly, his first-ever WSOP bracelet.

Coming into the final table, the counts were as follows:

Thang Luu — 640,000
Chris Falconer — 331,000
Greg Jamison — 275,000
Mark Wilds — 225,000
Spencer Lawrence — 220,000
Scott Clements — 220,000
George Guzman — 195,000
Craig Sabel — 160,000
James Pritchard — 155,000

Here are highlights from all of the action, as featured in's live coverage of the final table:

Scott ClementsScott Clements Eliminated in Ninth Place ($22,172)

Despite coming into the final table in the middle of the pack, Clements wasn't able to muster much more than a few pots and seemed to have a bulls-eye on his back his entire stay.

After being crippled on an earlier hand, Scott Clements is all in for his last 12,000. James Pritchard calls in the small blind, and Thang Luu checks his option in the big blind. The flop comes J J 9, and both players check it down. The turn and river come 2 and 8, and Pritchard shows K J Q 2 to take the pot with jacks full. Clements claims to have aces, and he is eliminated from the tournament.

Mark Wilds Eliminated in Eighth Place ($30,700)

Mark Wilds was all in for his last 10,000 in the small blind. Thang Luu and George Guzman were also in the hand and checked a flop of Q 10 7. The turn was the 7, and Guzman bet 60,000. Luu folded, and Guzman revealed A J 9 7. Wilds showed J 9 4 2 and needed an an eight or a king to survive with a straight. The river was the A and Guzman improved to a full house, sending Wilds to the rail in eighth place.

Craig Sabel Eliminated in Seventh Place ($39,228)

Craig Sabel had the rest of his chips in the pot in the big blind. The flop came K 5 4, and Spencer Lawrence and George Guzman checked. The turn was the Q, and Lawrence bet. Guzman folded, and the two remaining players turned up their hands.

Lawrence: Q Q 6 4
Sabel: A J Q 6

Lawrence was in the lead with a set of queens, and Sabel needed a low card to split or a 10 to scoop. The river was the 4, and Sabel was eliminated in seventh place.

Greg Jamison
Greg Jamison Eliminated in Sixth Place ($50,598)

Greg Jamison was all in in the big blind for his last 25,000 and had to deal with three unfortunate limpers. All three limpers checked down a board of A 6 3 10 Q, and everyone revealed their hands.

George Guzman turned over an 8-4, which was good enough for the low, and Spencer Lawrence's set of tens took the high. Jamison mucked his hand and was eliminated from the tournament.

Chris Falconer Eliminated in Fifth Place ($64,243)

Chris Falconer raised all in for his last 80,000 in the cutoff and was called by both Thang Luu and George Guzman in the blinds. Both players checked down a board of 10 9 5 A 5, and Luu turned over J 7 6 2 for a flush, which scooped the pot. Falconer mucked his cards and was eliminated.

James Pritchard Eliminated in Fourth Place ($78,456)

James Pritchard was getting short and had to make his move. He got the rest of his chips in the middle holding 10 6 5 4 against Thang Luu's K Q 9 2. The board ran out J J 4 K 7, and Luu's turned king sent Pritchard home in fourth place.

George Guzman Eliminated in Third Place ($93,806)

George Guzman moved all in preflop holding K Q 9 7 and was up against Spencer Lawrence's A A Q 9. The board came 4 3 3 A 6, and Lawrence's turned aces full was enough to send Guzman home and begin heads-up play.

Spencer LawrenceHeads-Up Play Begins

Through sheer aggression, Thang Luu took a 3-1 chip lead on Spencer Lawrence. Lawrence wasn't catching anything on the flops, and as a result, he was forced to commit the rest of his stack with a marginal holding.

On the final hand, Luu raised preflop and Lawrence made the call. The flop came down K 8 7, and Luu bet once again. After Lawrence raised, Luu put him all in, and Lawrence made the call, showing 9 6 5 5 for both a diamond draw and a wrap draw. Unfortunately, his diamonds were dead when Luu showed K 7 4 3. The turn and river came 8 and K, and Luu made a full house to take the pot, the title, the bracelet, and $243,356. Lawrence received $156,343 for his second-place effort.

Luu, a former Rio table-games dealer who plays $80-$160 at Bellagio, was ecstatic about the victory. “This is great,” said Luu. “Now, I'll have bragging rights when I'm playing.”

Here are the final results:

  1. Thang Luu — $243,356
  2. Spencer Lawrence — $156,343
  3. George Guzman — $93,806
  4. James Pritchard — $78,456
  5. Chris Falconer — $64,243
  6. Greg “Fargo” Jamison — $50,598
  7. Craig Sabel — $39,228
  8. Mark Wilds — $30,700
  9. Scott Clements — $22,172


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