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Free Poker Training Video with Tony 'Bond18' Dunst Posted

Dunst Talks About Unexpected Over-Shoves and Avoiding the Urge to Make a Hero Call


Tony “Bond18” Dunst is the instructor for this week's free poker training clip from Card Player Pro (powered by PokerSavvy Plus). The video features Dunst, a multitable tournament pro, playing two $109 tournaments simultaneously. Click here to view his video clip or any of the other three free video clips by other instructors that are currently available.

In the video, Dunst discusses how to deal with an unexpected over-shove when you have a decent draw (“I would have liked to have been doing the shoving myself, there.”) and, on a related note, whether “hero calls” are worth it in the long run. He also talks about why not to make a pot-sized bet preflop when the effective stacks of the field are about 30 big blinds.

The entire video can be viewed by members of Card Player Pro, as well as the full video catalog from PokerSavvy Plus. A seven-day trial membership is available and can be signed up for here. The Card Player Pro/PokerSavvy Plus team of pros includes Mike “The Mouth” Matusow, Isaac “Ike” Haxton, Justin “WPThero” Rollo, Evan “_Fisherman” Roberts, Dani “Ansky” Stern, and Chris “tribefan9” Rhodes.

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