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Online Poker: _FlaXmarZ_ Wins FTOPS Sunday Major

PKerBL Wins at PokerStars Sunday Million


FTOPS Event No. 9: $1.5 Million-Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em

J.C. Alvarado aka PrtyPsux The biggest Full Tilt Online Poker Series (FTOPS) VIII event of the weekend was event No. 9, the $1.5 million-guaranteed no-limit hold’em event. The tournament attracted 5,090 entrants to build a prize pool just over the guarantee, at $1,527,000.

More than 700 players finished in the money, and notables to make it deep included Frank “Gator93” Hernandez, J.C. “PrtyPsux” Alvarado, Michael “Martine23” Martin, Johan “busto_soon” Til, and Nick “CapTinBisKuit” Blumenthal.

The Full Tilt pros also represented well, as eight red-named pros made the money, including Allen Cunningham, Keith Sexton, David Singer, Eddy Scharf, Stuart “the donator” Paterson, Clonie Gowen, Erich Kollmann, and Steve Brecher.

It came down to heads-up play between _FlaXmarZ_ and MK376. _FlaXmarZ_ Eventually bested his foe to pocket the entire $263,000 first-place prize, the biggest online poker payday of the weekend.

The final results were:

  1. _FlaXmarZ_ — $263,438
  2. MK376 — $159,572
  3. Mark “xqsays” Radoja — $102,614
  4. nfa1080 — $80,168
  5. jbs07 — $60,317
  6. lonolin — $45,047
  7. POCKET FIVE — $35,121
  8. papychulo777 — $26,723
  9. highbury90 — $19,851

Today features two FTOPS VIII events. The first is a pot-limit Omaha eight-or-better event, which has a $200+$16 buy-in and a $200,000 guarantee. That event has already started at 2 p.m. ET. The second is a no-limit hold’em event, which has a $1,000+$60 buy-in and a $1,500,000 guarantee. That event starts at 9 p.m. ET. Satellites are currently running for all of the remaining events in the FTOPS VIII, and Card Player offers a Full Tilt deposit bonus to get players started. Card Player has made the full FTOPS VIII schedule available in an easy to read format.

PokerStars Sunday Million

Joe Elpayaa aka Big Egypt The PokerStars Sunday Million had 6,856 entrants last night, down from the 7,001 entrants of the week before. Last night’s even had a prize pool of $1,371,200 and offered a first-place prize of $193,339.

A number of well-known online pros made it deep, including Andy “BKiCe” Seth, Nick “agriffrod” Mitchell, Joe “BigEgypt” Elpayaa, Nath “Cap'nJackpot” Pizzolatto, and Darren “DABADESTCHIC” Nelson.

HelmetSky, who finished third in last year’s PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker main event, was able to make the final table, but unfortunately busted out in ninth place. Eventually, Joel “AQUA RAIDER” Davies faced off with PKerBL as the final two players. PKerBL eventually sunk AQUA RAIDER to collect the $193,000 top prize.

The final results were:

  1. PKerBL — $193,339
  2. Joel “AQUA RAIDER” Davies — $97,355
  3. Snitch24 — $68,560
  4. FeFranco — $54,848
  5. Ollowain — $41,136
  6. jp4est — $30,166
  7. roniirani — $21,254
  8. Talgamer13 — $12,341
  9. HelmetSky — $8,090

FTOPS Event No. 8: $250,000-Guaranteed No-Limit Hold’em
Heads-Up Matches

Jon Van Fleet aka apestyles The eighth event in the FTOPS VIII was a $250,000-guaranteed no-limit hold’em heads-up matches event. A total of 512 entrants bought in for $500 apiece, making for a prize pool of $256,000. The players were looking to win nine straight heads-up matches to claim the first-place payday of $51,000.

Full Tilt pro Jon “Pearljammed” Turner snuck into the money, but was eliminated shortly after advancing to the final 64. Jonathan “fatalerror” Aguiar was able to advance all the way to the round of 32 before eventually faltering. Both Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet and Kenny “Kenny Rap” Weinstein made the sweet sixteen before being eliminated.

After coming out on top in eight matches, Boondy and GoToChurch (an ironic name for someone playing in a Sunday poker tournament) played out the final match. GoToChurch will likely be forgiven for skipping worship that day, as he took down his ninth match to become an FTOPS champion.

The final results were:

Winner: GoToChurch ($51,200)
Runner-up: Boondy ($29,952)

Semifinalists: zuleh, kiwid10 ($16,000 apiece)
Quarterfinalists: grunter321, kenny05, padirk165, Jackal78 ($8,320 apiece)

Check out the FTOPS VIII schedule of events.

UltimateBet $200,000 Guarantee

UltimateBet’s $200,000-guaranteed tournament had 772 entrants last night, an even lower attendance than last week’s 828 (which was already a six-week low). UltimateBet put up $45,600 to match the guarantee for the event, basically the equivalent of the first-place prize. The final table was stacked, as usual (see results below), and it wound up being Wizards-Bet versus chicagocards1 for this week’s title. Wizards-Bet made his opponent dissappear and took home the $46,000 prize for first place.

Tyler 'brainwasher' Cornell The final results were:

  1. Wizards-Bet — $46,000
  2. chicagocards1 — $28,000
  3. Casey “bigdogpckt5s” Jarzabek — $18,500
  4. Tyler “brainwasher” Cornell (pictured right) — $13,000
  5. mexrex — $11,000
  6. nardexo — $9,000
  7. allinrichey — $7,000
  8. jnavo217 — $5,000
  9. Mykind — $3,500
  10. Chris “leon_black” Klodnicki — $2,000

Bodog $100,000 Guarantee

Frank 'slowrollinworm' Hernandez Attendance at the Bodog $100,000-guaranteed tournament dipped again last night when just 646 entrants bought in, down from the 765 of last week and even further down than the 675 of the week before that. BadReception duked it out with mattboom in the end for the $23,600 first-place prize and a $10,000 difference in paydays between first and second. Mattboom was the victor in that battle, and he pocketed the extra $10K.

The final results were:

  1. mattboom — $23,600
  2. BadReception — $13,600
  3. V00D00CHILE — $9,100
  4. rusostreet — $7,000
  5. any2willdo4me — $5,700
  6. Frank “slowrollinworm” Hernandez (pictured right) — $4,500
  7. wildcrazyjohnny — $3,300
  8. bg20mu — $2,200
  9. MNEMIC_UK — $1,300

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