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Online Poker: tpir90036 Wins Sunday Million

Shawn 'phatcat' Luman Takes Down Bodog Poker Open Main Event


PokerStars Sunday Million

Brian 'tsarrast' Rast Oh, how much difference a week makes. Just one week after the PokerStars Sunday Million had a record-setting night with 8,063 entrants and a $1,612,600 prize pool (the most the $200 version of the even has ever had excluding special events), the event lured only 7,249 entrants last night. That attendance was the lowest the tournamnet has had since Super Bowl Sunday in early February. (If you don’t count Super Bowl Sunday, last night was the lowest attendance since Jan. 6 of this year.) Nevertheless, the Sunday Million offered a still hefty $1,469,800 prize pool to entrants and a $207,000 first-place prize barring any final-table deals.

The final table of the event was packed with big names (see the final results, below), an atypical situation in the huge Sunday Million fields. Threehanded action came down to Brian “tsarrast” Rast (pictured at right), tpir90036, and Kometen1. Rast eventually hit the rail in third place, pocketing more than $73,000. Kometen1 and tpir90036 then sat out to discuss a possible deal. The two players ultimately decided upon an even chop of $140,799 apiece, with $30,000 left on the table for the eventual winner (the latter being part of the PokerStars chopping rules). Tpir90036 took home that extra $30,000 when he eliminated Kometen1 in second place. Tpir90036’s total winnings came to $170,799.

The final results were:

  1. tpir90036 — $170,799 *
  2. Kometen1 — $140,799 *
  3. Brian “tsarrast” Rast — $73,490
  4. Gullars85 — $58,792
  5. JEUX D PLAGE — $44,094
  6. Vivek “psyduck101” Rajkumar — $32,336
  7. gabyhorowitz — $22,782
  8. NabtheAce — $13,228
  9. Allen “Reverse” Goldstein — $8,672

* Payout reflects a two-way even chop deal made at the final table with $30,000 going to the eventual winner, per the PokerStars chopping rules.

Full Tilt $750,000 Guarantee

[This Full Tilt event was canceled this week]

Bodog Poker Open Main Event

Jared 'TheWacoKidd' Hamby The inaugural Bodog Poker Open series concluded its successful run last night with a huge main event. The series generated a combined $679,970 in prize pools, with $305,120 of that coming from the $500 buy-in no-limit hold’em main event last night (and $75,000 coming straight out of Bodog’s pocket as guaranteed overlays). Last night’s main event had 596 entrants and a $25,000 overlay provided by Bodog. This tournament was easily the biggest event in Bodog Poker’s history, and the first-place finisher in the event stood to earn a historic $76,280.

Just like the final table of the PokerStars Sunday Million, the final table of this event was stacked with prominent Internet pros. When it came down to the final three players, it was Shawn “phatcat” Luman, Jared “TheWacoKidd” Hamby (pictured at right), and _TheFinisher_, and a $47,000 difference in prize money stood between the third- and first-place paydays. TheWacoKidd, whose birthday it happened to be that day, left the table with a bittersweet birthday present of $29,000 in third place. It was then down to phatcat and _TheFinisher_. Phatcat bested his foe to take down the event for $76,000 and the historic title of first-ever Bodog Poker Open main event champion.

The final results were:

  1. Shawn “phatcat” Luman — $76,280
  2. _TheFinisher_ — $45,768
  3. Jared “TheWacoKidd” Hamby — $29,138
  4. Stuart “Zpaceman” Taylor — $21,358
  5. CK3 — $16,781
  6. flopmynuts33 — $13,730
  7. Anbessa — $10,679
  8. PSP_addict — $7,933
  9. Eeman2004 — $5,187

UltimateBet $200,000 Guarantee

Shannon 'bluffforrent' Shorr Attendance at the UltimateBet $200,000-guaranteed event dipped back into the 800s for the first time since the Super Bown in early February. Last night’s tournament had 871 entrants, meaning UltimateBet coughed up $25,800 to match the posted guarantee.

As seemed to be the trend for the night, the final table of this event also had a good number of big-name online pros in attendance. When 871 players became two, it was amak316 versus NoSoup4UUUU. Amak316 eventually succumbed to his opponent for a $27,000 second-place finish. NoSoup4UUUU raked in the final pot and the $45,000 first-place prize.

The final results were:

  1. NoSoup4UUUU — $45,000
  2. amak316 — $27,000
  3. DIAGF Zpace — $18,500
  4. Jon “jlewis10748” Lewis — $13,000
  5. jaygee84 — $11,000
  6. Shannon “bluffforrent” Shorr (pictured at right) — $9,000
  7. Angelica — $7,000
  8. Marco “noraflum” Johnson — $5,000
  9. JohnnyGstaks — $3,500
  10. 3lasteye — $2,000


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