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Online Poker: Braien Wins FTOPS Sunday Major

First $1 Million-Guaranteed Event in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series VI Names a Winner


FTOPS Event No. 7 - $1 million-guaranteed no-limit hold'em

The first $1 million-guaranteed event in the Full Tilt Online Poker Series VI (FTOPS), event No. 7, proved to be quite successful, despite some other events in the series having already required overlays. Events No. 1 and 3 - a $750,000-guaranteed, shorthanded no-limit hold'em event and a $300,000-guaranteed pot-limit hold'em event, respectively - each required smallish overlays. However, event No. 7, a $300 buy-in no-limit hold'em event with a $1 million guarantee, lured 4,475 entrants to generate a prize pool of $1,342,500. That prize pool meant that the first-place finisher would receive almost a quarter of a million dollars, the biggest single payday of the weekend in an online tournament.

Nine players remained at the final table, and each were gunning for the gold FTOPS jersey and jersey avatar given to first place. (They were probably interested in the money, as well.) Once the dreams of seven of those players had been dashed, it was just crpaint and Braien remaining. Crpaint eventually succumbed to Braien and had to settle for the second-place prize of $143,513. Braien snagged the physical and digital jerseys and $237,072 for his amazing accomplishment.

The final results were:

  1. Braien - $237,072
  2. crpaint - $143,513
  3. digididopp - $93,975
  4. chicagocards1 - $73,837
  5. cmikec - $55,446
  6. JLimbs - $41,080
  7. CRACKENaces - $30,877
  8. rocxf - $24,165
  9. JaEs SiK - $17,989

PokerStars Sunday Million

The PokerStars Sunday Million tournament had 6,634 entrants last night, . That attendance made for a total prize pool of $1,326,800 and a first-place payday of almost $191,000 (if no deal was made at the final table). That number of entrants was an improvement upon last weekend's 6,398 entrants and was likely bolstered by an above-average turnout of online players in general due to the big event running simultaneously at Full Tilt.

The final nine players took their seats at the coveted Sunday Million final table, and when it got down to fivehanded play, the remaining players decided to make a deal for the remaining prize money. Safeel was the chip leader at the time and was guaranteed $137,612. Of the remaining four players, only two others could break into a five-digit payday by taking down the tournament and earning the $30,000 left on the line for the eventual winner. One of those two players was rickL-UNIT, who eventually made it into heads-up play versus safeel. Safeel, however, found himself on the winning end of the final hand. He earned the extra $30,000, putting his total winnings at $167,612.

The final results were:

  1. safeel - $167,612 *
  2. rickL-UNIT - $77,540 *
  3. Zefa - $81,136 *
  4. mbeezy02 - $64,932 *
  5. ducesarewild - $68,781 *
  6. Jensen - $30,516
  7. bottomset - $21,892
  8. icallseat3 - $13,268
  9. DrEskilstuna - $8,226
* Payout reflects a five-way deal made at the final table.

UltimateBet $200,000 Guarantee

Nine hundred and forty-nine entrants bought into yesterday's $200,000-guaranteed event at UltimateBet, meaning the site had to fork over a $10,200 overlay to match the guarantee. This attendance, however, was up substantially from last week's 814 entrants.

Internet pro TheMasterJ33 eventually found himself heads up against lcary in a competition for the $45,000 top prize. TheMasterJ33, however, was no master of lcary as lcary scooped in the final pot to send TheMasterJ33 packing in second place, for $26,500. Lcary earned this week's title and pocketed the tournament's biggest payday.

The final results were:

  1. lcary - $45,000
  2. TheMasterJ33 - $26,500
  3. dogsballs - $18,000
  4. MikeMaver1ck - $13,100
  5. KsJim - $10,500
  6. charder30 - $8,500
  7. xxmrbigshotxx - $6,500
  8. -- Magnus -- - $4,500
  9. Buy Buy - $3,400
  10. the big horse - $2,000

Bodog $100,000 Guarantee

Bodog's $100,000 guarantee had 790 entrants last night, dipping back below the 800-entrant mark once again after last week's 801 entrants. BananaHammock and Pasdasuga found themselves still standing after 788 other players had hit the virtual rail. It was not a sweet ending for Pasdasuga, however, as he became the final elimination of the tournament. He collected $14,300 for second place while BananaHammock earned $25,000 for first place.

The final results were:

  1. BananaHammock - $25,000
  2. Pasdasuga - $14,300
  3. thatsNice - $9,200
  4. Heinz57 - $6,900
  5. RiverRatMat - $5,500
  6. BeaverFever - $4,500
  7. Yevgeniy "timosy" Timoshenko (aka Jovial Gent) - $3,500
  8. PC12Pilot - $2,500
  9. mdfarley1 - $1,600

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