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Strip Poker: Green Valley Ranch and Red Rock Tourneys

Two Rooms Known for Cash Games Introduce Daily Tournaments


In this "Strip Poker" series, Card Player covers the Las Vegas poker scene - on The Strip and around the city.

Red RockGreen Valley Ranch and Red Rock have had great success hosting cash games, and have recently added tournaments.

At Red Rock, there is a daily tournament at 10 a.m. The buy-in is $100, which gets players $5,000 in chips. Green Valley Ranch offers a little more variety in tournaments. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday there is a $60 buy-in tournament, and on Tuesday and Thursday, there is a $40 buy-in. These tournaments are all no-limit hold'em and begin at 10 a.m. Players receive $1,500 in chips for their initial buy-in but can get $500 in extra chips for $5. On Saturday at 10 a.m. at Green Valley Ranch, a $100 buy-in no-limit tournament takes place. Players receive $2,000 in starting chips. The Sunday tournament is all for the ladies. A womens-only tournament starts at 11 a.m. It is a $50 buy-in, and like the Monday through Friday tournaments, players get $1,500 starting chips plus $500 more for $5.

The two rooms are also running a $180,000 Poker Giveaway. For more information on that promotion, click here.