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Cheyanne Ivey's One-Stop Poker Shop: Financial And Legal Solutions, International Advising, And More

Ivey Solutions Helps Players Focus On The Tables


A busy day in the office for Cheyanne Ivey involves helping poker players with the endless headaches of day-to-day life. Her company, Ivey Solutions, does it all – from banking and financial services to booking travel, having a place to stay, and more.

Need help negotiating a sponsorship deal … and planning a party to celebrate the big win? Ivey Solutions has you covered. Everything the company offers is designed to give clients the time and mental energy to stay focused and hone their craft.

And yes, that Ivey. Phil is Cheyanne’s older brother.

Cheyanne understands the needs and desires of professional poker players better than most. The Las Vegas-based consultant’s clients prefer to call her the “solutionist.”

Phil’s success gave her a front-row seat to the poker boom of the early 2000s. Players were flying to tournaments around the world, signing sponsorship deals, and making celebrity appearances. Money was rolling in not only for her brother, but for many of the biggest names in the game.

Keeping track of the day-to-day necessities of life became too much for some and Ivey was soon pitching in to help some of the big-name players who were friends with Phil. Eventually, Ivey Solutions was born.

“I was able to really get a true perspective on poker, life, business, and money and how it works,” says Cheyanne, who moved to Vegas in 2012. “That’s different from other consultants. Do they know how to play poker? I actually saw how poker could affect someone’s everyday life. The joke is that my clients get hooked on me because I take care of your personal life and your professional life. I make a point to get my players out of the mindset that they’re playing a game – they’re running a business. They don’t even think that they’re supposed to keep track of certain expenses or that they’re supposed to do certain things. And what happens is, a few years later, the IRS comes knocking.”

Being around the industry and having a knowledge of the poker world helps Cheyanne and her team anticipate clients’ needs. Her understanding of the industry is what sets her company apart.

“Poker players have different playing styles, but they tend to have the same problems,” explains Cheyanne. “They worry about going broke. So, I help them grow and preserve their bankroll in ways that minimally interfere with their playing. A big part of my job is helping players best capitalize on their time away from the table. The poker room and normal life around family and friends are two very different worlds.”

Education And Application

Cheyanne’s educational background proved perfect in advising and providing services for some of the biggest names in poker. She has degrees in Spanish, German literature, and secondary education. She also studied French and Italian and is fluent in all four languages.

After college, she went on to teach languages for four years and worked as an adjunct professor, while also adding a master’s in education administration, an MBA, and master’s in accounting by age 24. Cheyanne completed her schooling with a law degree from the University of Miami.

But her most important education for Ivey Solutions came outside the classroom. At 15, Phil taught Cheyanne seven card stud in his Atlantic City condo with his friends 40 years her senior. She’s been in the room for cash games and tournaments around the world.

While spending weeks on European poker tour buses with some of the world’s best pros, Cheyanne learned about the world of poker on a more global scale. Players benefited from her language skills when arranging games at casinos and arranging other events and accommodations. These experiences and others provide insights not discussed in textbooks.

She’s well-equipped to handle a variety of real-world problems. Players scoring a six- or seven-figure payday may not have the forethought of what to do with the newfound cash and understand the tax implications. Her company helps them get on the right path and keep more of their money from heading to the tax man.

She also acts as a barrier between the player and others who may not have their best interests at heart. The company and staff put players first, Cheyanne says, and are out to make sure they’re taken care of. Overall, Ivey Solutions assists players in making rational decisions about their lives and planning for their futures.

“I pride myself on being able to help people who play poker as a side profession and those who play poker exclusively, especially when it comes to tax law and business structures,” she says. “For example, I had friends that were just playing poker on the side to pay their tuition, but making enough money to trigger taxes. So I help the little guy, but also help out the big guys.”

Poker Hall of Famer Barry Greenstein has been a longtime friend and sees Cheyanne as someone who can be of benefit to players with busy schedules and needs in certain areas where they may not have the time or expertise.

“She’s an intelligent person,” he says. “She knows, obviously through Phil and his friends, what poker players’ needs are. You don’t meet many people who have got her initial qualifications. She’s got an MBA. She’s got a law degree, all this kind of stuff that might be necessary. She’s a person that you would think is qualified for the job because of her educational background, and because she does have a brother who’s in the business and has a lot of friends who were at the higher ends of the business. I definitely consider her a trustworthy person.”

“The difference between Phil and Cheyanne is that Phil is more quiet and thinking in his interactions,” the three-time bracelet winner added. “Cheyanne is more gregarious and engaging with people.”

Poker is a global game and that’s not a problem for Cheyanne. One of her clients was playing and working in Barcelona. Ivey Solutions analyzed business transactions that included documents in other languages. She also helped that player understand the taxes involved in the deal and budget for those expenses.

For foreign clients, Cheyanne’s knowledge of languages helps those who may not speak English fluently and need to understand the tax implications that can come with winning significant sums in the U.S. She can help players take advantage of the law to best serve their interests.

With so many opportunities to play poker, Cheyanne also works with players who have other jobs but are making considerable money at the poker table.

“I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly,” she says. “I’ve seen the way, especially when these young guys win, how financial planners come after them because they want to make money off of the commission getting them into investments. People come out of the woodwork and it’s my job to be both a filter and sounding board.”

Cheyanne Knows A Guy And Has A Gal For Everything, Everywhere

Beyond tax and financial consulting, Cheyanne has a solution for seemingly every need. A high-stakes client may be playing in a certain part of the world for six weeks. Cheyanne’s company can secure a place to stay so that a player doesn’t have to worry about making reservations. That includes finding lodging for many players heading to the World Series of Poker each summer. Whatever helps her clients perform their best.

In Las Vegas, it’s all about who you know. Ivey Solutions has offices in Summerlin and downtown Las Vegas. Cheyanne has a team in the US and an extensive network of professionals worldwide. She seemingly knows an expert in just about every field.

Banking is a major concern for many players. Some have experienced getting debanked because of making the large cash transactions that come with playing high-stakes poker. Ivey Solutions has relationships with several banks that can make this process easier and help players avoid having their accounts shut down. For example, Cheyanne works with Lexicon Bank in Las Vegas, specializing in offering concierge service for their professional poker player clients through their professional poker player program.

Health being a major concern for players, Ivey Solutions has a medical doctor in Las Vegas who can even visit players in person and during “poker hours.” If trouble arises, Cheyanne will even send flowers for a player who may be in the dog house with his wife. On the flip side, Ivey Solutions also has relationships with divorce attorneys as well.

If a player needs a driver, security, housekeeper, or caregiver, Ivey Solutions can help. Jewelry, luxury cars, and when it comes to almost any personal need – Cheyanne has a contact. For players needing a new car, Cheyanne can get a new ride delivered right to a casino.

In fact, on a moment’s notice, Cheyanne delivered a car to Erik Seidel… and to his child at college… and another to his wife in their home state. It’s as simple as taking a quick break from the table, and signing the paperwork on the hood of the car.

Few of us can phone a sitting US congressman. But that’s what Cheyanne did to help 2022 WSOP main event final tablist Jeffrey Farnes get his passport application approved in a day. One call helped him take a trip where he ran deep and cashed in big.

Phil And Family

Cheyanne says Phil was always her protector growing up. He later supported her by paying her college tuition when their father died. She knew from an early age that her brother was going to be successful no matter what profession he chose and describes him as “incredibly intelligent.”

“A joke I used to tell is that my brother could have sold apple pie on a street corner and would have made millions of dollars,” she says. “I always knew I had somebody that had my back.”

Cheyanne recognizes that other players need someone in their corner, and she now has their backs.

“I care about this industry in a different way than other people,” she says. “I have my people take care of everything. In a world with as many swings as poker, I like to offer them as much stability and security in other areas of their life as possible.”

She stays in constant contact with clients – hence “poker wife” or “poker mom.” Those are titles she now wears with pride. She truly enjoys making life easier for players who simply want to focus on the cards they’re dealt.

For more information on Ivey Solutions, visit, email, or call +1-702-670-0192. ♠