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WATCH: Poker Vlogger Accidentally Throws Away Half Of Five-Figure Pot

Nobody At The Table Notices The Error


The Hustler Casino Live stream has seen some memorable pots, but one hand from last week stood out when a popular poker YouTube vlogger threw away some significant cash by mucking what would have been a split pot.

The hand came in a $50-$50 cash game with poker vlogger Mariano Grandoli raising the action to $300 with AHeart Suit 4Heart Suit, receiving several calls before actor and producer Dylan Flashner moved all in for $9,200 with AClub Suit 10Diamond Suit. Grandoli made the call with his dominated ace.

According to the Card Player Poker Odds Calculator, Flashner had a 61 % chance of winning the hand before the flop and Grandoli had only a 29% shot. There was also still a slightly better than 10% chance that the hand would result in a chopped pot.

With $19,750 in the middle, the flop brought the KDiamond Suit JClub Suit 6Club Suit with the 9Diamond Suit following on the turn and the 9Club Suit on the river. Believing he’d lost the hand, Grandoli then sent his cards to the muck after showing just a single card.

But while Grandoli missed the chop, he wasn’t alone. Even after verbalizing his hand to the table out loud, nobody caught the error. One player even referred to the hand as “a cooler.” Even commentator David Tuchman initially didn’t notice that the hand was a split pot.

“Wait, Mariano didn’t realize,” Tuchman said as Grandoli slid his hand to the center of the table. “In fairness, I do this for a living and didn’t pick it up right away,” he later added.

Once his hand hit the muck, it was dead, and Flashner raked a nice five-figure pot to stay in the action.

Had Grandoli simply showed both of his cards instead of one before sending them to the muck, the dealer would have seen the chop and he’d have saved himself almost $10,000. A costly error, for sure, but small potatoes for the man who won a $788,000 pot last year with pocket aces against two players holding pocket kings.

By the end of the night, Grandoli was stuck $47,000 overall. Meanwhile, the unlikely double up for Flashner started a run that ended with him profiting nearly $49,000 for the session.

Grandoli isn’t the only notable pro who has made a blunder in a big spot. Phil Ivey has infamously done it twice at the World Series of Poker. In 2009, ESPN cameras caught him folding the winning flush in a pot while making his run towards the final table. Then in 2019, he accidentally threw away half of the pot in a stud eight-or-better hand at the $50,000 Poker Players Championship.

Last year, Pierre Kauert was mistakenly eliminated from a WSOP Circuit main event in the Czech Republic. In a situation similar to Grandoli, Kauert was holding JSpade Suit 10Heart Suit against an opponent’s KSpade Suit JHeart Suit, and nobody at the table realized the kickers didn’t play on a board of A-Q-6-J-6.

Not only did the players not see the chop in that instance, but neither did the dealer, the tournament staff, nor the commentators for the live stream. Since the error was not caught in time, Kauert had to accept his fifth-place finish.