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Las Vegas Baccarat Dealer Arrested On Cheating Allegations

Two Players Also Charged In Case


Nevada law enforcement officials take casino cheating seriously and players accused of colluding with a dealer in the Las Vegas area now face some serious charges.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board began investigating several people in May 2022 that were believed to be involved with cheating at the Rampart Casino, located in the Las Vegas suburb of Summerlin. Agents ultimately made two arrests but weren’t able to contact 28-year-old baccarat dealer Yuxuan Leng until Nov. 2.

Leng was then arrested and is alleged to have been involved with the cheating efforts. She is now charged with attempting to cheat at a gambling game and two counts of cheating at a gambling game.

Colluding With Other Players Alleged

Law enforcement reported that the two baccarat players at the casino had been winning more than usual. Control Board investigators reviewed surveillance footage and determined that Leng was one of multiple dealers alleged to be exposing cards to the players intentionally.

The moves revealed the result of a game before players made their bets, allowing them to secure winning wagers. The Control Board reported that the two players won a combined total of $12,400 during two sessions at the casino when Leng was dealing.

“After knowing the possible outcome of the game, (the two players) were able to wager more in order to capitalize on the information provided to them by Leng,” the Control Board report says.

After her arrest, Leng was released on her own recognizance.