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Four Clever Tips For Ambitious Poker Players To Develop

How To Develop A Winning Mindset


Poker is a mental game. While it is crucial to learn the basics of the game of poker, and how different winning hands work, ultimately a huge amount of the result comes down to mindset.

Crucially, the game of poker is about controlling what you can. This means understanding the game, but it also means controlling yourself. Emotions can get in the way and cause you to play a good hand badly. There are reasons why the best poker players are consistently great in tournaments and a huge part of that is down to their mindset.

Remember that mindset also comes from putting yourself in real poker situations. It is a good idea to put your skills into practice to learn more about the game, and when you play a tournament on platforms like Ignition Poker, there are many different types of poker games to get involved in, even for beginners. Most of the time, it is possible to start playing with small stakes while you are building your mental skill set, and even use a Cryptocurrency to deposit to the casino.

Control Your Emotions

There are times in poker when the luck isn’t on your side, and this can be frustrating. Emotions leading to bad decisions are known as “tilt” in poker. Some people start to call on hands they should fold, and some start to be aggressive and play with spite toward a certain player.

In all forms of poker, it is important to control your emotions wherever possible. When you join a tournament or a table, you know how you want things to pan out, but even if you do the right things and back strong hands you can still be unlucky on that day. A big part of controlling those emotions is to keep your playing in control and not play with huge stakes. Taking excessive risks is not a good strategy and it can lead to a poor mindset.

Also, try to have a scientific and mathematical approach. Play the odds, and evaluate the situation. If you don’t win in this scenario it is bad fortune but not something to get angry about. Avoid overconfidence, too, if things are going well. This can lead to bad decisions.

Be Self-Aware

This links in with the tip above nicely. Developing a sense of self-awareness is a good way to know whether or not you are likely to be at your full potential. If you have the desire to play poker but you’re feeling tired or irritable, or you’ve had a long hard day and may not be in the best position to make decisions, why not play a free game instead?

If you feel like you are rested and in the right mode for making decisions then your poker skills may be better. You may also be better at coping with the psychological elements of the game. Self-awareness can also extend to strengths and weaknesses. Knowing what you are good at, and which areas you need to improve, can inform your strategy and future development.

Get in a Poker Zone

This is about a mindset shift and getting yourself ready.

There are several ways in which you can get yourself in the poker mode: “Do a couple of poker quizzes on your favorite poker training site. Read a poker book for a few minutes. Get into poker mode before you start slinging chips.”

Consider this a sort of warm-up. By watching other players or reading about the game it is possible to remind yourself of some of the potential scenarios you find yourself in during a poker tournament. Ask yourself what you would do in this scenario to get your brain ready and in the mood for playing poker.

Alex Fitzgerald’s poker earnings are estimated to be over $3 million, so it is fair to say he is someone to take mindset tips from.

Understand That Getting Good at Poker Involves Some Work

If you want to reach the point where you are an exceptional poker player then it is going to take work. Of course, when you play poker a lot you will pick things up, but this won’t lead to you becoming an elite player.

To be the best, you need to analyze your strategy. Keep your results, and see what works and what doesn’t when you’re at the table. The more you read, and learn from the professionals, the better. There are some amazing poker books out there and even watching how the pros do things on televised tournaments can make a huge difference.

A mindset of being prepared to do some studying and constantly questioning how you can get better make a big impact on your level of poker skills.


Some people will always just play poker for a bit of fun. Not everybody has the desire to read the books and do research. However, those who are willing to do so, and develop their mindset, will often be more successful.

Consider how your mindset could be holding you back when you join your next poker tournament. These tips could help to take you to the next level.