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Royal Flush Over Straight Flush Tiggers $100K Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot

Hand Was Played In Late November At Bolder Station


via Station CasinosA pair of Station Casinos poker players had something to be thankful for this holiday season.

The Omaha Bad Beat Progressive hit again at Boulder Station in Las Vegas on Nov. 23, Station Casinos announced. The total payout to Station Casinos poker players was $104,960.

The guest with the bad beat, “Ok Floyd,” according to Station Casinos, held the 5Heart Suit 4Heart Suit in her four-card hand, giving her a 5-high straight flush. She was beaten by Vilitonu Mafi, who held the KHeart Suit QHeart Suit and had a royal flush. His other two cards were irrelevant in the hand.

The flop was AHeart Suit 10Heart Suit 3Heart Suit, as both players flopped a flush, but Mafi held the nuts. However, the 2Heart Suit landed on the turn, giving “Ok Floyd” a straight flush. That advantage didn’t last long, as the river was the JHeart Suit, giving Mafi the unbeatable royal flush.

The losing straight flush hand received $41,993. The winning royal flush hand received $20,997. The 30 players playing Omaha at the time of the jackpot all received $1,399.

This was the second-highest Omaha Bad Beat to hit at Boulder Station, with the highest being $107,570 in March of 2021.

The Omaha Bad Beat was reset to $40,000 after the jackpot hit.

The poker room at Bolder Station is home to 13 tables.