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WATCH: Alexandra Botez And Mr. Beast Score Huge Wins In High-Stakes Poker Game Featuring Phil Hellmuth And Tom Dwan

Hellmuth Lost Nearly $100,000 And Was At The Center Of Controversy Yet Again, While The Content Creators Crushed


On Sunday, a unique collection of some of the biggest content creators in the world sat down with 16-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth and high-stakes cash game legend Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan for what will likely go down as one of the most viewed live online broadcasts in the history of the game. There were reportedly more than 100,000 concurrent viewers during the peak of the Hustler Casino Live broadcast, which is based out of Los Angeles. The stream has since been viewed more than a million times on various social media platforms and video hosting sites.

Popular chess streamer Alexandra Botez was ultimately the big winner with $456,900 in profit. The American-Canadian Twitch star with more than a million followers got off to a huge start and ended up turning her $50,000 buy-in into a final stack of more than half a million dollars.

YouTube megastar Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson, who hosts the fifth most watched channel with 94 million subscribers, also finished in the black. Donaldson ended with $438,900 in profit after a wild session that began with starting several hundred thousand in the hole.

Rising streaming star Ludwig Ahgren was another big winner, banking $404,700. Ahgren broke a record for Twitch subscribers last spring with 283,000, a record previously held by Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, who was also in the poker game and ended up winning $144,300.

Alan Keating, a partner at a major financial firm, was on the other end of the spectrum, finishing the night down more than $1.1 million according to the broadcast’s chip counts graphics.

In the final hand Keating flipped with Mr. Beast for a roughly $400,000 pot. Keating picked up pocket sevens, and Mr. Beast somehow woke up with pocket kings and held to bring the crazy stream to its conclusion.

Dwan, who made a name for himself playing some of the biggest pots on televised games like High Stakes Poker back in the day, ended up booking a comparatively small $26,500 profit.

Hellmuth lost $96,400 when the action finally came to a halt in the wee hours of the morning.

The Poker Brat was involved in a few of the most talked-about moments of the stream. Early in the session on a flop of ASpade Suit8Heart Suit2Spade Suit, Donaldson bet $5,000 with complete air and Hellmuth called with AHeart Suit9Spade Suit.

‘Slime’ then moved all in for $35,000 with his ADiamond Suit6Heart Suit, prompting a fold from Donaldson while sending Hellmuth into the tank. While mulling over the additional $30,000, Dwan apparently asked to see Hellmuth’s hand, prompting Phil to slide the cards forward. He then gestured to flip the hand over, apparently at Keating’s request.

On the broadcast, the move looked a lot like Hellmuth had mucked his cards. ‘Slime’ thought so as well, and tabled his own hand, although Hellmuth maintained he was simply passing them to Dwan.

The two ultimately came to an agreement, with Slime paying $5,000 instead of his whole stack and Hellmuth being awarded the pot. Check out a clip of the hand below, with a comment from Hellmuth in response to online debate about the hand and how it looked.

‘Slime,’ who ended up stuck more than $140,000 took to Twitter to offer his thoughts.

After some back and forth on Twitter, Hellmuth apologized for the misunderstanding and agreed to return the $5,000 while also splitting the pot.

Félix Lengyel, better known by millions of online streaming fans as ‘xQc,’ was one of the few players to quit the game midway through the broadcast. He got off to a strong start, but lost some key all-ins that resulted in his finishing down nearly $100,000.

Botez began the day strong. She felted Dwan with pocket kings beating his top pair of queens, and then won a massive pot that was built by a wild straddle situation. The game featured blinds of $100-$200 but with seven straddles, Mr. Beast had put in $25,600 without looking at his hand.

Hellmuth was dealt A-8 and moved all-in, looking to take down the juicy pot. Botez went into the tank but made the call with A-9. It eventually became a four-way all-in, with Keating also coming along with A-3 and Mr. Beast having an alarmingly-good chance at winning with just Q-5 offsuit. The flop gave Botez top pair of nines, and she held from there to take down the massive $339,100 pot.

Hellmuth was later involved in another all-in that got viewers riled up. He got all-in with pocket jacks up against the pocket sevens of Blevins. Hellmuth extended his lead in the hand when the flop came down AHeart SuitKSpade SuitJDiamond Suit to give Hellmuth a set. The QDiamond Suit on the turn gave Ninja some hope, with the 10Spade Suit on the river making a straight on the board for a chop.

“I’ll suck a dick for a ten,” said Blevins just seconds before the 10Spade Suit completed the board to see the $99,500 pot split. Hellmuth appeared understandably disappointed, while ‘Ninja’ let out a victory scream before cracking a wide smile.

Watch the entire broadcast from Hustler Casino Live below.