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The WSOP Says It's Upping Pay For Poker Dealers

Mixed Games Dealers Will Earn More Than Hold'em Dealers


The World Series of Poker on Monday put out a news release regarding wages for dealers at the upcoming WSOP festival.

The annual tournament series that awards the most prestigious prizes in poker will be held on the Las Vegas Strip this upcoming summer, after moving away from the Rio Casino-Hotel located adjacent to the Strip. The weeks-long series will be held at convention space at both Paris Las Vegas and Bally’s.

The WSOP said it has 600 tables and is looking for dealers to work it. The WSOP said dealers will be getting a raise. The Caesars Entertainment-owned announced “a new pay structure with increasing wages for all prospective dealers.”

The WSOP said that starting pay for all dealers will begin at $12.50 an hour with a $100 bonus after “successfully completing” their first shift.

“Additionally,” the presser continued, “dealers will be paid a guaranteed $15 per down for all tournament hold’em-only bracelet and side events along with a guaranteed $20 per down for all tournament non-Hold’em bracelet events.”

“Furthermore, if any additional dealer funds are leftover at the end of the WSOP they will be paid out as a bonus based on the total number of downs worked throughout the entire series.”

A “down” refers to a 30-minute time period when dealers are at a table before being “pushed” to the next. So, a WSOP dealer could make upwards of $52.50 per hour if they deal mixed games, plus their share of any additional tips left by the players.

The 2022 version of the annual poker festival kicks off May 31 and concludes July 20.

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