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Colorado Suspends Betting On Russian Sports

State Ask Sportsbooks To Make 'Reasonable Efforts' To Comply


KyivThe state of Colorado has apparently banned its licensed retail and online sportsbooks from taking bets on Russian sports.

Amid the ongoing war within Ukraine, the Colorado Division of Gaming issued an industry bulletin suspending all Russian and Belarussian governing bodies, leagues, teams, players, and events from the state’s official Sports Betting Catalog.

Belarus is considered one of it not Russia’s only ally amid the conflict.

It’s unclear how the state will enforce possible noncompliance, however.

“Sports betting operations are expected to make all reasonable efforts to comply with the directive,” according to a presser from the state.

The statement implies that accidental noncompliance wouldn’t result in a disciplinary action against a sports betting license. The prohibition “remains in effect until further notice.”

The ban on Russian sports, which are fringe offerings for a sportsbook, likely won’t have much of an impact on the state’s growing sports betting market. In January, the state saw about $573.7 million in sports bets, the best month ever for the industry that kicked off in mid-2020.

The total handle for January 2022 was a 24.3% increase from the total handle of the prior month, December 2021, of $461.4 million. A year-to-year comparison showed a 75.5% increase from the total handle of January 2021, $326.9 million.