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Poker Pro Igor Kurganov Helping Elon Musk With Charitable Donations

Musk Reportedly In Process Of Donating Billions


Apparently poker pro Igor Kurganov is helping Elon Musk manage some of his fortune.

According to a report from Bloomberg, Musk gifted $5.7 billion worth of Tesla stock to charity in the span of 10 days in November, but “[w]here that donation is going is a mystery.” Musk reportedly disclosed the donation in a regulatory filing this week.

Kurganov, a fixture in many super high-stakes poker tournaments over the past handful of years, has been “recently enlisted” by the billionaire Musk to help run The Musk Foundation.

Per the report: “The Musk Foundation in the past couple of years has made eight-figure grants to the city and local school system near his South Texas spaceport, a $100 million ready-made competition to fight climate change and millions of dollars to a pair of Covid-19 researchers […] Almost all of those recipients have been primarily working with Igor Kurganov, a professional poker player-turned-philanthropist, who Musk has recently enlisted to keep in contact with grantees and consider their proposals.”

Kurganov is the co-founder of Raising for Effective Giving (REG), an organization created by a group of poker players that recommends “highly cost-effective charities.” The nonprofit was formed in 2014 during the summer World Series of Poker.

Other REG founders include poker players Liv Boeree and Philipp Gruissem.